So if you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you would’ve noticed I’ve been doing a juicing cleanse. When a couple of my friends suggested that they wanted to give it a try after seeing the ‘Fat Sick and Nearly DeadJoe Cross documentary, I got very excited and we all decided to do a 10 day juicing cleanse together. I’m working on posting some video’s on the whole experience with juicing hacks for those doing one for the first time and to inspire you to do one too.

I wasn’t sure how I would go this time round, but I knew I needed to do one, as I’m going through big changes if my life and the stress of it all meant a few extra pesky pound had crept on. I always blog about juice recipes and general juicing, but haven’t yet blogged about any of my juicing cleanses. My friend’s that did the cleanse at the same time have never done one before, so it was great I could be there for support if they needed it and also a good experiment to see how two active gym going guys felt during and after the process.

What to expect when doing a 10 day juicing cleanse

I’ve only done 3-5 day juice cleanses before, so building up to this one I prepared myself, by eating small healthy meals and replacing some meals with juices the week before. I wasn’t sure how much detoxing my body would need, so I had a free diary and thought I would take it easy and relax for 10 days. Well that went out the window as so many great opportunities came up and I’ve had one of the most creative, busy and exciting 10 days. I’ve really enjoyed being kept busy, especially in the first few days as had so much energy to expel. Here’s a brief breakdown of my journey so far and will be adding more detailed blogs soon:

  • Days 1-3 seem to always be the hardest days as all those ketones get in your system and start repairing, your body starts detoxing and your emotions and thoughts might be a bit all over the place
  • I started to break out in really bad eczema all over my face, but neem oil and saunas seemed to help the detox process and it started to go away after day 8
  • In the first 5 days I didn’t sleep very well as went to bed late and woke up at 5am. I also had unpleasant dreams, which could be all toxins releasing into my system. I didn’t feel tired at all, but more lost as I’m so used to have a solid 8 hours of sleep
  • I’ve had lots of energy the whole time, after day 5 I often caught myself breaking out in random happy dance
  • I’ve really loved listening to music and had so many creative ideas pop into my head
  • I’ve felt really cold, but that could be because I’ve lost body fat, it’s the middle of winter and the heating isn’t constantly blasting. So been laying up and drinking lots of hot herbal tea
  • Been able to do all my normal workouts with lots of energy and strength
  • I’m more aware of my surroundings, it makes you realise how much food we consume and that we simply don’t need to
  • I feel great, have lost 5kgs and feel lighter in the mind and body

My friends also went through some emotional times, one got a bit sick for two days, but you need to just persist as it gets worse before it gets better. Both these guys are going to include juicing as part of their lifestyles and Chris texted me this morning to say he is going to do more than 10 days, Matt would of if he didn’t have his mum’s birthday this weekend, which is so awesome! So juicing mission accomplished and there’s a huge smile on my face!

The cost of juicing

Everything I’ve been juicing has been organic and mostly from the farmer’s market, which is so much more cheaper and the food also looks so much more alive, with it’s imperfections and wildness. I’ve moved in with The Cosmic 33 who are juicing enthusiasts and a family inspiring healthy change for other families to follow. We’ve been sharing the cost and taking turns to make juices when we can, when we are running low on things like lemons, limes, ginger and cucumbers etc we get them from the supermarket. Overall it’s no more expensive, but cheaper than your weekly shop and to always be putting in fresh alive foods has been such a great way to get high on life. I’ve also been drinking lots of yummy herbal teas, coconut water and sometimes adding superpowders to my juices. If you want to know more on anything I’ve posted add a comment below – happy juicing!

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