The juice cleanse have taken the world by storm as celebrities do it, people have cured themselves of illness and you seem to lose a ton of weight. Is all the hype worth it? Do you really feel better? I did a 21 day juice cleanse to find out, the results are amazing and here’s what happened to me…

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The 21 day  Juice Cleanse Backstory

Please note this is blog 2 on my 21 day juice cleanse you and read blog one which covers days 1-10. In the first blog, I also get results!

The four other people doing it at the same time as me stopped after 10 days, which was awesome they made it that long. For the Cosmic’s it was more support for me as they had done a 2 week cleanse the previous month.

I have also done a 33 day juice fast before too, you could say it’s what my body needs right now – to cleanse. My other two friends who took this challenge with me said it wasn’t that hard. Below I did an interview with my friend Matt who is a boxer, he said he would have kept going if he didn’t have his mom’s birthday.

I really didn’t have a time frame of how long I would do it this juice cleanse for but 21 did pop into my head. I just kept going after day 10 as listened to my body and what it wanted.

What happened on your 21 day juice cleanse?

From about day 10 my face started to clear up from the outbreak of eczema and like a snake shedding its skin, it started to glow and I started to feel random bursts of energy.

I think it’s hard in our modern age of living where we expect results super quick and freak out or think something is wrong when we don’t get them.

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Having eczema on my skin for 10 days and not feeling that great was a big sign that I did some serious deep level detoxing and it got worse before it got better.

I also had a lashi dome experience, which helped speed up the detoxing process and also made my skin feel amazing. It was nice to feel so warm to the core, after feeling cold most the time juicing in mid-winter in an old London big house.

On about day 15 I felt light, very creative and like I needed to be outdoors more and moving. It was pretty easy to do the juicing, as I just got used to it after a while and my body and mind loved it!

I didn’t really miss the eating too much, as I gained a different sort of happiness from my body. Feeling and seeing the impact it had, especially when it inspired others really made me want to keep going and if I wasn’t leaving the UK to go on a big trip I would have kept going.


What’s all this emotional stuff?

Throughout the cleanse you may feel angry, upset, dream about past situations, have to confront deep emotions you’ve been hiding and have highs and lows.

It’s all pretty normal and you get to feel high in life when you let go of all the past and present drama in your life. Because your system is so busy and under pressure trying to digest food half the time, being on a juice fast can use that energy to instead heal your body on many levels.

Most people feel worse before they feel better, you just have to push through it and be kind to yourself.



I had emotions of past relationships, fears in life and doubts come up. No surprise has given I quit my job last November and have been living a life in which I’m going with the flow and don’t have a regular income or 9-5 job anymore.

The juice fast helped me let go of many old emotions and my attachment to things, you could say I had a massive life spring clean. I had so many creative bursts during the fast and it has helped me realise my strengths, what I need to focus on and my life’s mission.

I know this probably sounds a bit wishy washie, but it’s true and I know you’re curious!

What about the hunger pains?

I always get asked the same questions by people who haven’t tried a juice cleanse before as it freaks them out going without three solid meals or more a day.

You have to understand I didn’t just go from never juicing before to doing 21 day juice cleanse, I prepared myself, mentally and physically. The more I change my life holistically the more connected to the earth I feel and my progression to do a juice cleanse happened organically, just as my life has and I couldn’t be happier.

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The motion of actually eating is a mental challenge I had to overcome and one most people don’t understand. We’ve been taught that if we don’t eat we’ll die and have no energy, but it’s so not true and I proved it along with many others.

To be honest I didn’t really get that hungry and if I felt like I was drinking a juice or hot herbal tea fixed it. The notion of not eating passed after a few days. For me I know I eat more when I’m stressed, as it’s comforting, I also used to eating something sweet as I associated with rewarding myself for eating healthy.

Since changing my diet and connection to food over the last year or so this 21 day juice cleanse has reinforced that even further and made me realise how much I consumed and how much I should be eating.

You’re weird Bo

One thing I did notice that was a bit odd was I felt like I had heightened hearing, smell and energy. I’m very social and my friends that know me, know I’m always out meeting people, going to some event and can accomplish loads in a day, even though I don’t realise it.

Well, I woke up at 5 am sometimes with so much energy and got so much done by 10 am, which meant I had the rest of the day to get more done or have lots of time for me. I had super hearing and have really enjoyed listening to music and the sounds around me.

I also liked the smell of food and on days 13-21 and I would purposely walk through market food areas to smell all the foods, but was never tempted to wanted to eat any of it.

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How did you cope afterwards?

On day 21 I woke up craving a green juice and didn’t actually get to eat anything until about 5 pm because I had a busy day of work and things planned. When I did finally eat I had half a delicious mango, as my stomach had shrunk and that’s all I wanted.

Slowly I’ve introduced food back into my diet, but I still do lots of juicing and it’s just part of my life. After 21 days you realise how much energy is spent digesting food, how much we over-consume, how food impacts us both emotionally and physically.

Coming from an Asian background where food has always been such a core value, it’s really made me rethink my association with it and about what I’m eating. I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last juice fast that I’ll blog about and over the coming weeks I’m going to share with you some ‘Juicing Hacks’ I did to help you if you’re considering doing a juice cleanse.

Final thoughts on my 21 day juice cleanse

I did a 21 day Juice cleanse to prove a point to myself and others, as I know I’m always talking an out how amazing juicing is, yet haven’t done a long fast. This is my 21 day juicing fast story and hopefully, it will encourage you to think about including green juices or smoothies in your diet.

I knew it would change me and it certainly has for the better, I LOVE  juicing. If there are questions you’d want ask please comment below ~ happy juicing to you all.

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