by boberika-7Recently I’ve been feeling a bit agitated, I’m not sure why and for those that know me you know this is very unlike me. Yes even Bo the upbeat always positive gal has off days and feelings. As someone who is a doer and likes results fast, doing what I love has been a life lesson as well as a huge blessing. I’ve had to learn to reprogramme my thinking from years of living in the matrix of the corporate world of meeting budgets, deadlines and exceeding your set goals. Something I tell myself when I don’t feel in the flow of things is “everything comes to me at the perfect time’.

My cousin asked me last week if I wanted to take a road trip with him and at first I was apprehensive, as I have so much work to do, but seeing as I’m not in my normal positive headspace I thought it might be good for me. I suggested we visit the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia (the perks of being here at the moment) and off we went on an adventure with no real plan. For me these always seem to be the best way to travel and I always find unexpected surprises.

I didn’t plan to end up spending most the day high up in the hills overlooking the glasshouse mountains from a cafe that had a box of free homegrown oranges, no one else seemed to want, waiting just for me! I felt so thankful as the view was excellent and the oranges were so wonderfully sweet and delicious. I savoured every mouthful and every moment of where I was and what I could see, I was present in the moment. The cafe was also part of the rainforest walk you could do and wow it was just what I needed to get me out of my funk. Here are the 3 things I learnt on my walk in the rainforest:

Number 1 – It’s ok to take time out

I always have so much work to do! Being creative, I’m always coming up with idea’s of what more I can do, I’m constantly learning and constantly working even though it doesn’t feel like work. Starting up your own business and living off your savings is a real test of your spirit. I was so used to always planning out my life, being surrounded by my London posse and having a busy social life. Learning to live more in tune with myself, seasons and the flow of life can sometimes be difficult, my logic tells me what I’m doing is crazy, but my heart tells me to keep following my intuition. I need to remember I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be and it’s the most exciting and best thing I have ever done. After so many years of being in what I like to call stuck in the Matrix, emotions and programs can still be stuffed deep down inside of us, so taking a day off to immerse myself in something I love – nature, is ok. It’s ok for me to take time out on a Tuesday because I can, it’s ok for me to stop and get away from it all and nature is truly the best therapy.

Number 2 – Just let go!

It was so peaceful being surrounded by trees and the sounds of insects, birds and the rustling of trees. It was like nature was performing a special performance just for me. With every breath I could smell the bark of the trees, dirt on the ground and the air was so crisp. I felt so at peace, so calm and nothing else seem to matter on my walk and I took it all in, it filled up my energy. I’m normally so snap happy with my camera, but I only took a few shots, as I wanted to be in the moment of it all, present and breathing in the life of the forrest. It reminded me of how grateful I’am to be living the life I do and to live and learn from every moment of it. Whenever I just let go, no matter how hard that might be, I always end up in the most amazing place!

Number 3 – We can learn from nature…

by boberika-6The rainforest seemed to be in such harmony, it made me realise how precious it is, how much we need to take care for it and how we are interconnected with it. There was a plant called the strangler fig that caught my attention that day. It starts off as a tiny seed in the canopy next to a host tree. Then the roots grow down into the earth absorbing nutrients from the soil. Gradually the roots wrap around the host tree, widen, and slowly form a woody trellis that surrounds the host’s trunk. The fig’s crown grows foliage which soon overshadows the host tree. Eventually, the host tree dies leaving the fig with a hollow trunk, making it easier for more branches to creep up and grow.

Figs are often the only tree species remaining after forest clearing, since their knotted and twisted wood is shunned by loggers. But ironically even though it kills a tree, it’s also an important food source throughout the year with its fig fruits and it provides homes to many rainforest creatures both big and small. It’s like it has created it own untouchable all year round life giving ecosystem. It helps create life in the forest when things get tough. There is so much I can learn and continue to learn from nature, it’s like the ultimate teacher. So what lesson did I take away from the strangler fig? We can plant a small seed and it will grow, but we need to work to support and help others in order to thrive.

If you are still trying to find your way, feeling agitate by life or simply in need of some inspiration I highly suggest you take a walk in nature, as you might be surprised at what it can teach you if you’re willing to listen.

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