Change seem to be an ongoing part of my life and there are so many exciting new opportunities that have presented themselves in the last little while. My mission of getting people to reconnect with their food and to inspire them to switch over to more sustainable healthy lifestyle hasn’t changed, but instead has become more clear. I’m still amazed and baffled at how my life in Australia is shaping up.

When I got here I had no transport, didn’t know anyone (apart from two friends) couldn’t go anywhere besides the gym and have moved back in with my parents (could you do that?). I was only coming back to Australia for a holiday and to spend time with the folks, but it feels right to stay here. It’s been such a blessing in disguise as I’ve needed the past few months to heal, reflect on my life and figure out how I can turn my passion into my work.

It hasn’t always been easy, I have off days, days when I ask what am I doing? In those times I have to remember where I’ve been, take a moment to be thankful for my life, what I’ve learnt and just be present. Oh and I’m living in a place where everyone comes to go on holiday, so my life is a giant holiday 🙂

Example, yesterday I got up early, meditated while listening to the rain fall around me, took the dog for a walk, got caught in a heavy downpour (we both loved it and walked in it like nothing else mattered, the dog normally hates getting wet), did my usual Sunday body balance class, went to the beach for a walk and stood with my feet in the sand staring at the waves while feeling grateful that this is my life. Ok that sentence was getting far too long! I also have more time to make awesome wholesome food and read (book of the moment is the Desire Map by Danelle LaPorte). Yes a day of uttered bliss and food for the soul!

Currently I’m involved in running a private Facebook group where there are over 200 people are doing a 30 day ‘getting sexy back’ challenge with us. We are showing people how turn protein shakes into healthy smoothies and giving them tips, tricks and plans, so going forward they can start to include more healthier lifestyle habits – it’s a start! The protein powder is vegan, has no nasty fillers or sweeteners and there is also a super greens powder, detox tea and a bunch of other stuff.

It’s all so exciting and I  have ideas for video’s. One of my biggest fears is being in video’s as I’m so used to being behind the scenes. It’s something I’m working on! I did this video for the people we are coaching on a more personal level, I find it a bit cringe worthy to watch back. I’ll get more confidence the more I do and share 🙂 I just have to start and do my best! Would love to know your thoughts!

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