My friend Tara works in the fast paced fashion industry, she was feeling the pressure from work, while also trying to juggling her after work projects. Tara is a regular reader of the blog, health savvy and asked if I could plan and cater a mini 5 day detox program for her – of course I said yes! To fit in with both our hectic lifestyles at the time, I would make her breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks for 5 days and she would eat a light dinner. Even though I was working full time and had lots going on myself, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try out my health ideas on someone else, tailor a plan for them and see the results. Knowing she had a busy week with long hours, the main thing she would need was energy and not the effects of a major detox slowing her down, so I incorporated a bit of both and here are the results.

5 Day detox with Bo

How did you find the detox with Bo’s homemade delights?

I absolutely loved it! I knew in advance that it was going to be one of the busiest weeks of the year, I had a lot going on that month and just couldn’t cope with everything and also worry about eating well at the same time – thats why I called you for help. It was one less thing on my plate to worry about (see what I did there?).

Everything was balanced, my gym workouts were catered for as were my taste preferences, it was easy and most importantly took no effort on my part. It was also really exciting to open up my package every day and see what surprises were waiting for me.

What did you personally get out of it?

The biggest thing I got was piece of mind. I knew everything was balanced, nutritious, and one thing that’s really important to me is that everything was organic or homemade from ethical ingredients. I also felt great, even though it was a busy week for me I had all the energy I needed from your meals and there were plenty of snacks when I was short of time and might have normally hit the biscuit tin. It’s made me much more aware of how important it is to be prepared with snacks and meals instead of relying on pret or the work canteen to provide for me. Since then I have stuck to some of the recipes you gave me so overall I am eating much healthier than I was before.

Was was your favourite meal/snack?

The Kale chips!!! Unfortunately they were so good I often had to share them. I loved my green juice each morning (without celery like I asked thank you) and loved the home made protein bar. My favourite meal was the grilled salmon with the edamame salad.

The 5 day detox program plan

Every morning Tara would have lemon and warm water first thing, then would swing by mine on route to work for her packed breakfast, lunch, snacks and a freshly made green juice. She could eat her breakfast of homemade granola and yogurt 30mins-1hour after the juice and her snacks were different each day (my homemade kale chips, dried fruit & nuts, beans, coconut water and my homemade protein bars on the days she had PT training). I also included different herbal teas and every lunch came with a raw rainbow coloured salad. Because Tara was so busy, she didn’t have time to buy bad snacks and I tried to introduce her to some things she may not of thought of eating, but could include going forward. Overall a success and a really great way for me to experiment. If you would like advice on your diet, how to make better choices or anything mentioned in this blog contact me and let me know how I can help you get more energy and happiness.

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