Something I have been asked a lot lately is “what brand of almond milk should I buy from the supermarket?” The answer – you don’t!

Throwing my fears away…

handstandFor those of you that know me, you will know I get really excited when I talk about health. I’ve been wanting to do youtube video’s for sometime now. I have been wanting to show people how to be healthier and happier, but… my fear has been holding me back, my lack of self love has been holding me back and my caring too much of what others will think has been holding me back!

Not anymore… It seems each month I am conquering a new fear and pouring more love into my life. Last month it was the fear of doing a handstand, it has been one I have had for many years. Random I know! For years I haven’t felt confident or that I am capable of doing one. I could do a headstand without a wall no problem, but the thought of throwing my legs up above me and against the wall terrified me. It was time to let go and I did! Now I can do them, anywhere, anytime and it feels good.

I realised it was the same with the same with youtube video’s. Everyday I had an excuse for why I couldn’t do them! I couldn’t film and be in it at the same time, I didn’t have any foundation to wear, I wasn’t how I wanted to look, it was never the right time, I needed to practice what I was going to say… blah blah blah . The funny thing is while I was setting up my camera a positive voice in my head said ‘just do it’ and ‘who cares lets just get this info out there’. Not only did I have a time constraint on how long I could take, but I was also super hungry for my smoothie and couldn’t have it until I made the almond milk.

Why is homemade almond milk better?

It’s super easy, more cost effective (I buy my organic almonds in bulk) and you get more benefits as you can soak your almonds the night before, so they release their anti-nutrients (this will be another video I will do for you shortly). In a nutshell being able to connect with what you put in your body and knowing exactly what is in it, builds a better you!

So prepare to see more of me on youtube for the Empowered Women’s Channel! I feel I need to share and show you how you too can start living a more natural healthy life. I want you to feel more energized and start living your dreams too. We are capable of anything we put our minds too, stop letting your fears hold you back! So today for me making a video on almond milk was more than just showing you how, it helped me empowered myself to overcome a fear and the almond milk tasted tasted great in my smoothie, which I filmed and will release in a bit too 🙂

Do what you fear and fear disappears ~David Joseph Schwartz

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