This is one of my favourite juices to have in the morning if I feel like a change from the green stuff. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium and folic acid, making them a powerful antioxidant. Red grapefruit is high in cancer-fighting lycopene, oranges are a good source of choline, which improves mental health and if you a regular to my blog you’ll know how much I love the humble lemon.

Anticancer citrus juice


  • x1 grapefruit
  • x2 oranges
  • x1/2 lemon
  • x1/2 lime
  • Happy thoughts


  • Try and include as much of the white pith (skin surrounding the sections) as it contains pectin and bioflavonoids, which help the body to absorb vitamin C, strengthen capillaries, assisting circulation, which helps your skin look beautiful.

If you follow solar nutrition, which is a time-determined eating system, it suggests you should have citrus fruits around 10am and we should not mix grapefruit with any other foods, besides citrus ones. The theory behind this is that fruits that grow when the sun’s rays first shine on the treetops are the most nourishing for us to eat in the morning. They are energetically aligned with the body’s morning nutritional needs and even the pH of our digestive system is correlated with these foods.  Whether you follow this style of eating or not here’s a really easy, tasty breakfast juice for you to have at 10am and it can only do you good!

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