beeswax candleWhy pick Beeswax Candles?

Are you looking for the perfect way to better your home ambience?

Enriching your home to improve the quality of living and having an environment worth living in that is healthy as with as little toxins as possible should be everyone’s goal.

I know lots of people use candles to create a delightfully delicious and sensual environment in their home, but you need to be careful about the candles you use as they could be causing you more harm is the wicks have lead.

For me Beeswax Candles are the best when it comes to performance, fragrance, lightening colour, health benefits and for pure natural therapeutic surroundings.

Why buy or make your own beeswax candles?

They may be more pricey unless you make them yourself, but I for one simply love these candles, and people usually find them more valuable as they are cleaner to burn. 

Since drinking more tea and creating a beautiful meditative space I have been burning more candles and found beeswax candles to be my preferred choice.

Making them myself or picking them up from local markets (for a reasonable price) is the way to go for me. I also love talking to beekeepers who are more than happy to sell me beeswax that is filtered and ready for candle making.

Making your own candles or buying them from someone who loves bees is a beautiful way forward. For me as it ensures the purity of the candles I use and that the bees have been taken into consideration.

In my candle making process or when I ask about candles I buy I also make sure the wicks are chemical free and there are no synthetic fragrances added. 

3 top tips

Top Benefits of using Beeswax

Ok, there are more than 3 here I couldn’t help myself… Some of the benefits of using beeswax candles are mentioned below.

  • Natural, 100% pure without any chemicals. Who wouldn’t prefer better-improved atmosphere?
  • Pollution free, because the source is the natural bees habitat.
  • It is nontoxic and without any chemicals making it fit for usage at homes with kids and old people.
  • Not only do they smell great but also burn brighter and last longer than the other candles. Nature at its best. Isn’t it?
  • It is the only candle which when heated releases negative ions that help purify the air by neutralizing the toxins. Best for allergies and asthma patients.
  • To top all the benefits mentioned above, it has a large number of health benefits. From Asthma to acne, Eczema to therapeutic assistance.

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How are they better than Soy Candles?

We have seen a lot of talk about the competing Soy and Beeswax Candles, guess what?

Beeswax Candles have come out on the top. Because of the additional health benefits, Beeswax Candles have been declared to be better. Soy Candles though a lot better than paraffin candles, don’t have any therapeutic benefits.

The way Beeswax Candles purify the air, Soy cannot match that level. It has also been reported that Soy Candles contain paraffin even if they say it is 100% pure soy!

Also, the scents added are not of its own, they are artificial dyes and fragrances which are not always healthy and safe for the environment.

[Tweet “The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams. The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams by Henry David Thoreau”]

Health Benefits and Natural Air purifier

Keeping us away from pollution, dust, allergies and other diseases by neutralizing the air is, by all means, a very big thing. Nowadays, in this age of industrialization, we need such products to help us keep our homes pure and protected.

Nature works wonders, with this amazing Beeswax Candles it is pretty straightforward that the air we breathe is going to be pure.

So, you see the benefits are endless and very authentic. No matter where you go these candles is going to provide you with that level of comfort you never thought was possible.

Thank you bees for providing for us, I know your numbers are depleting so lets all plant more flowers to support our local backyard bees!

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