Is blue green algae or prism water made by unicorns and healthy? Keep reading this blog if you want the answer… if you’re looking for a healthy drink that is packed with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins then this drink is for you!

You see this superfood drink is so easy to make. It’s used to naturally aid weight loss, hay fever, diabetes, stress, fatigue and premenstrual syndrome.

We’ve forgotten the art of well being and if you’re looking for a healthy alternative when you don’t want to miss this. In this blog, I’ll show you how to make this drink and the benefits of it.

What is Blue Green Algae?

Blue-green algae’s were one of the first oxygen-producing bacteria on earth and are largely responsible for the evolution of the planet’s ecosystem.  Today, microalgae’s still continue to produce over 70% of all oxygen in our biosphere.  There are many types of blue green algae found all over the earth in both freshwater and marine environments, but most all are toxic and inedible for human consumption.

Water infographicThe Blue Green Algae Drink – My Journey with Water

I love discovering new things and blue green algae prism water infused with crystals is no exception.

When I was in New Zealand on a holiday in 2015 I was blessed to collect spring water every weekend. The hike to the spring and carrying the water back was precious. It was a beautiful experience and I didn’t realise back then how my love of water and the energy it carries would play a role in how I use it for Tea Ceremony.

It’s easy to make a drink like this, but making it with loving intention and living water is something else. As we are mostly made of water about 60% of the human body is water we need to be mindful just like the food the quality of the water we drink. We also need to take note of what we add to our water as it’s either going to promote good health or dis-ease in our bodies.


Chakras for health infographicWhy the colours we consume are important

We are more connected to the vibration of colours than we realise.

If you are familiar with Chakra Health then you know that the colour spectrum starts from the top of your body and goes something like this: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

This system also applies to the nature-loving foods and drinks we consume, we should be eating and drinking a rainbow!

With food, it’s easy to eat a colourful plate of goodness, but with liquids, it’s a bit harder (artificial concentrates and sugary drinks don’t count). I haven’t made many purple/blue drinks until I discovered ‘prism water’.

When the colours you drink are above green it has an even higher vibration, helping to heal and energise those top chakras.

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The Blue Green Algae drink from Dr Robert Cassar

I love learning and trying new things that benefit and add to my healthy lifestyle and I also love sharing this with others.

I found this Blue Green Algae Drink via Dr Robert Cassar. He is so inspirational and I follow a few of his self-care protocols. From his skin cleaning technique to listening to his lectures online you only need to look at him to see he practices what teaches.

For me, if a practitioner actually looks super healthy and is using the natural world to do so is someone I want to listen too. It’s important to approach all alternative health with an open mind and ask your body is this what I need?

top 3 benefits of blue green algae

Top 3 Health Benefits of Blue Green Algae

Organic blue green algae are said to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

“Blue-green algae (BGA) are among the most primitive life forms on earth and have been consumed as food or medicine by humans for centuries. BGA contain various bioactive components, such as phycocyanin, carotenoids, γ-linolenic acid, fibers, and plant sterols, which can promote optimal health in humans” ~ Journal of Medicinal Food

detox your body diagram1. Can assist with weight loss

Do you crave sugar, carbs and unhealthy foods? Many people do and by adding in healthier foods and swapping out the bad for the good you can get back to optimal health.  Blue green algae are said to assist with hunger cravings as It reduces insulin levels (which encourage the body to store fat). Thus helping to curb the craving for sweet foods.

2. Helps with detoxing

A build-up of toxins in the body can also lead to the build-up of fat. Toxins love living in our fat cells as it’s our body’s way of keeping them away from our major organs. Blue green algae can, however, help detoxify the body and remove unwanted contaminants, like a magnet. This can promote weight loss as mentioned above and a healthier digestive system.

3. Good for your brain

Blue green algae contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids and B Vitamins. When in combination in a natural form these help to boost brain function. Almost 50% of the lipid content of dried blue green algae is composed of omega-3 fatty acids. While  B vitamins are known energy enhancers and some, like thiamine, are required by neurons (brain cells) for proper neurotransmitter production.

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You can make ‘Prism Water’ which is a Blue Green Algae drink from any water, but if you do it with energised or spring water it’s amazing.

Personally, I think it’s totally magical drink and my body loves it! The unique colour of this drink is out of this world and it has been getting people’s attention. I love curious people, especially when they see this drink – I can see them thinking “is she drinking blue, no indigo, no green, no blue – what is that?”

unicorn infographicWhat does the Blue Green Algae drink taste like?

The Blue Green Algae drink tastes like unicorn wine… I mean a mild yerba mate tea, it’s delicious and something I keep craving (my body loves it!).

It’s like I’m carrying around a magical colour changing unicorn water. I feel like it’s my elixir of health and rejuvenation, oh and even mum loves it, or you could just look at it and feel happy.

So here’s to Love, health, happiness and to you and your prism water – Blue Green Algae Drink making days! CHEERS!

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