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I’ve teamed up with PT Trainer, body transformation expert and food & nutrition coach Kyla Thoms to help you get healthy and happy!

Over the years what we have noticed is that motivational coaching and support plays a major part in your success, but for most people having access and finding a coach they trust can be very hard. Now you have two you can rely on and trust.

Everyone is finding it harder and harder to make healthy choices it all becomes too much especially with how crazy, challenging, overwhelming our daily lives have become.

So we have devised the most basic plan to help you get healthier and happier without calorie counting or pro pointing. Our beliefs and the way we live is by design, we will guide you on how to make healthy smoothie meals, give you 100% motivation and you will get daily coaching from us.

So what range have we decided to go with to help you feel like your not floundering, to feel like you’re not on your own, to help you feel like your back in control?

We have decided to share with you something we have found in our crazy busy lives that we lead, guarantees a reliable satisfying complete meal. No matter what challenges we are faced with in the day, our healthy smoothies always see us through.

We have chosen the pure, safe and beneficial brand Arbonne, which is a 35 year old Swiss heritage company, that can provide you with the best quality products, delivered straight to your door whenever you want. Not only are you going to get healthy and happy but by using these products we will give you the daily motivation and the professional coaching you need for free, making this the most cost effective way for you and us.

With other programs and diets you are normally left on your own once you sign up or walk out the front door of a meeting. You will have access to contact us on a daily basis as well as being added to a private Facebook group.

Order now start today!

Here’s some results from a 30 day challenge we ran…


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