Blue butterfly peaflower tea is one that came into my life a while ago even though it now popular amongst foodies and bloggers. When I came across it I was looking for herbal tea to have at my events and came across this one. Not only is it a plant common to most South-East Asian countries., but it was this indigo blue colour I was working with at the time.

Why Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea?

Blue butterfly tea latteThe butterfly pea plant is also known as blue pea or pigeonwings has traditionally been used as a beverage to accompany a meal or used as a dye. In  Thailand and Vietnam, it is served post-dinner, usually with lemon and honey added to it. If you add lemon juice to the tea it not only changes the pH of the drink but also changes the colour from blue to purple.

It also has many health benefits and is a good one to drink for tea ritual. I’ll talk about tea ritual later in this blog.

Why buy blue butterfly tea from me?

  • Made from 100% pure flowers
  • No pesticides or chemicals were used on the flowers
  • It’s Organic
  • Sourced from a local ethical business
  • Each bowl and packet is made with love

Top 5 benefits?

Blue butterfuly tea chia seed smoothie with dragonfruit ballsHerbal teas seem to be making a comeback to tea lovers across the world, including those made from flowers like hibiscus and blue pea. From colourful brews to intricate packaging people are starting to take herbal teas more seriously as not something just old people in the forest drink.

In the tea world, there is still a lot of snobbery and competition, but as my teacher says the best tea is ‘tea made with love’. I like to focus on the energetic side of tea, honouring the plants, our connection to nature and each other. Tea for me is still a very powerful medicine we all deeply love and can connect with, it’s accessible and a great way to stay healthy and away from sugary store-bought drinks.

As with all tea’s and herbs, there are so many benefits. I think people tend to think one tea can solve all the problems they have, but it doesn’t quite work that way as our bodies are complex systems as it’s an overall lifestyle. I’m sure you can find lots of blogs that promote all these benefits plus more, but here are the top five benefits of blue butterfly peaflower tea.

  • Beneficial for hair and skin
  • Promotes eye health
  • May assist with weight loss
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

So there you have it a wonderful apoptogenic herb that in combination with a healthy lifestyle can helping the body deal with stress, protect your skin against premature ageing and been shown to possess moderate anxiolytic and anti-depressive effects when tested in the lab.

Blue butterfly peaflower tea flowerHow did you find it?

After serving many bowls of this tea, I went to Thailand last year and asked to meet this beautiful flower the tea is made from. I wasn’t sure if I would see it as was out there to do my training as a Universal Healing Tao instructor and the place I was staying at was in the country and the gardens were very well maintained.

One morning as I walked to breakfast after our morning qigong, I saw this beautiful plant growing with a hedge and the flowers were in full bloom. I was so excited and stood there in gratitude and delight. From that point on I saw this plant being used at many cafes as drinks, in meals and as a garnish.


blue butterfly peaflower dessert with blue rice


What you can use it for?

Below is a list of what I like to use this tea for, but check out my video for more about this tea and what you can use this tea for.

  • Hot or cold beverage
  • Tea Ritual
  • Tea Meditation
  • Tea Mocktails
  • Use it to make blue raw desserts
  • Blue rice
  • Dye cloth
  • Blue smoothies
  • Dye home-made candles and soaps
  • Blue ice-cream
  • Blue lattes
  • Blue jelly
  • Crushed dried flowers as a garnish

Why do you need to try it for tea ritual?

Blue butterfly tea drink All you need for tea ritual is a quiet clean space, tea, hot water and a bowl. It’s a simple practice that doesn’t need to be complex and can be done anywhere. The main thing is to be mindful while drinking the tea and relax your body.

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Having a non-judgemental mind, learning to quiet the mind through relaxation.  So you walk away in a better state, a calmer more relaxed state. Drinking tea in silence can help you to be in this composure relaxed state of wellbeing if practised often.

If you want to know more about how to cleanse your space, tea ritual and make a blue tea mocktail then check out my FREE 7-day chocolate mousse detox.


Are There Any Side Effects Of Having Blue Tea?

Blue tea can be a great alternative if you are caffeine sensitive or looking to switch out sugary drinks.

There aren’t any known side effects of blue tea as it’s got so many health benefits and is just made from flowers. However, like anything, if you overconsumption this tea it may cause nausea and diarrhoea. Because of this and like with many herbs pregnant and lactating women are advised against the consumption of this drink, unless consulted with their doctor. But isn’t it always advisable to consult a doctor before consuming blue tea.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Tea Mindfulness does not claim responsibility for this information.

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