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Why eating for chakra health is important…

Just in case you haven’t read the previous blog on what are Chakras? Here’s a brief summary from my friend Andrea Wisden from Holistic Blogger and how eating for chakra health can help you.

Everything is made up of energy (like atoms) and this energy is moved around our bodies by an energy grid system, a bit like a spider’s cobweb. These energy lines are called meridians, and wherever these meridians cross, a point is formed which is called a chakra.

There are literally thousands of chakras in our energy body, but most people are familiar with just 7 of these. First, let’s go over the basics of your chakras.

chakra health chartWhy does each Chakra have a colour?

Each chakra point has its own energy vibration which is unique to the chakra.

It has a vibration of colour, sound and frequency which in turn will correspond to a matching crystal and aromatherapy essence.

For example, the base chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, has a corresponding colour vibration of red and has particular crystals and essences associated with it.

What to do if your chakras are unbalanced?

If any of your chakras become misaligned because of illness or chronic repetitive thinking there are several ways you can address this.

It can either be re-balanced through;

  • visualisation techniques
  • wearing something of the corresponding colour
  • going to a therapist and have them work with your energy body
  • using crystals to clear and charge your chakras
  • using essences or essential oils to clear and charge your chakras
  • Eating colourful in-season pesticide-free organic fruit and vegetables to clear and charge your chakras

Each chakra has its own characteristics or properties and their health reflects where you are in your personal life.

Chakras do not cause illness or death, they merely reflect where you currently are. Once you know the characteristics of each chakra point you are then able to sense for yourself usually if you need to pay some attention to that area.

If we take the example of the base chakra again, its properties are around safety and our basic needs. So if you feel unsafe, or have concerns over money, not having enough food and so on, your base chakra will not be vibrating at the optimum rate.

eating chakra health

Top 3 reasons to eat for Chakra health

1. Become more aware

One very easy way of addressing this is becoming more aware of what you eat. Everything has a vibration, and that includes the food we eat. So if we go back to the base chakra, an easy way of getting the right vibration in that area would be to eat red foods, such as tomatoes or red peppers.

In order to get the correct vibration from the food, it needs to be natural, not artificially coloured, and preferably organic and raw or cooked as little as possible to retain its natural vibrational properties.

2. Be more mindful

It is also important to eat mindfully and with the intention that the vibration of the food you are eating is helping that chakra. Eating mindfully means not multi-tasking while eating, having your full attention to the food you are consuming.

Savouring each mouthful, what it tastes like, what it smells like and what it looks like. Involve as many senses as possible and chew slowly, putting your cutlery down between each mouthful.

Chakra Salad Bowl3. What does a balanced chakra meal consist of?

The easiest way to tackle this is to have a salad or a vegetable stir-fry and incorporate all the colours of the chakras on the plate so I’m eating for optimum health. So that would be red (base), orange (sacral), yellow (solar plexus), green (heart), blue (throat), indigo (brow) and violet or white (crown).

Salad ingredients could be tomatoes, raw carrot, yellow peppers, avocado, blueberries, and purple cauliflower, with a scattering of nuts or seeds for the white element. This would be an example of a healthy balanced chakra meal.


It also has the advantage of looking and tasting really delicious. I always feel revitalised and energised after a meal like this.

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Thanks for such an insightful post Andrea. I also try to make sure the food I eat through the day is like a technicolour rainbow and not a boring pale shade of tan. I think eating for chakra health adds another dimension of thought and mindfulness to your body and plate!

chakra health foods infographic

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