The more I find out about holistic health and energetic healing, the more I realise how it’s not just what we eat or how much exercise we do that helps to keep us healthy and happy.  I’ve always heard the word ‘chakra’ being thrown around and never really knew what it was and how it affects us. My friend Andrea Wisden from Holistic Blogger explains it well and hopefully you will find this article useful too.


The word ‘chakra’ is from Sanskrit – an ancient Indian language used in Hindu scriptures – and the literal translation means ‘wheel’. A chakra is an energy centre similar to the nerve centres in the physical body. They are constantly spinning, connected by meridians or pathways, which move energy around the body. Chakras points within our body interact with the universal energy field, aligning with whatever point or frequency we are vibrating at. Our emotions, beliefs and thoughts form the vibration we emit. Our vibration frequency is also affected by the constant exchange of energy from the outside world. Our chakras are constantly changing with this interaction and whatever thoughts we dwell on. Although they are continually realigning and being pulled out of alignment by these internal and external forces, they only close as we approach death and are never ‘blocked’, merely temporarily out of alignment.

How do we know if our chakras are aligned?

By becoming more mindful and fully present in the moment, as we do with regular meditation, we become more aware when we are pulled off centre by the constant energy exchange between us and our outside world. Once we master how our chakras feel when they are fully aligned and vibrating at the right frequency, we can more easily spot when we have been pulled out of alignment and correct it.

Why are chakras important?

Chakras do not cause illness or chronic thinking patterns; they are more a barometer of where we are. They constantly strive to vibrate at the highest frequency possible. If we remove the root cause of our stress – the emotion or belief – then the chakra is able to vibrate at the correct frequency once more. We can use meditation to bring awareness to the emotion or belief, or we can use the chakra colour or other characteristics to balance the chakra on a purely energetic level without having to understand what the emotional root cause is. If the lower chakras are not harmonised then the connection to the higher chakras where the link to consciousness and awareness lie will be weak and unreliable. Chakras are the doorways through which our emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies flow into physical expression. The energy created from our emotions, beliefs and judgements flows through the chakra system, distributing this energy to every cell in our body. Understanding chakras and the way they interact with our energy body can help to increase our conscious awareness and plays a huge part in our spiritual development.

How can we make sure our chakras are aligned?

Each chakra centre has its own properties and characteristics, and a particular colour, sound, crystal and essence that vibrate at the same frequency of the chakra when balanced. We can use this information for re-aligning, re-tuning or balancing. Simply wearing something of the same colour vibration for the chakra will help to naturally balance and strengthen the area. We can also use visualisation, breath and intention to harmonise our energy body and chakra centres. It is possible to correct the chakra frequency on a purely energetic level without having to identify what the emotion is. But it is worth noting that chakras will align themselves naturally once we remove the emotion from our energy body, whether this is through chakra meditation or energy work. The end result is the same – a healthy fully functioning energy body which in turn means a healthy physical and mental body.

Why you do think learning about your chakras important Andrea?

I love working with the chakra system. I have found it is a great way to tune in with what’s happening in my physical, emotional and energetic body for a happier and healthier experience. When you get used to feeling the chakra energy it can often be an early warning system when things are not quite as you would like them to be and it’s easy to realign them. I like easy!

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