So recently I’ve just moved house and moving sure is stressful, but it was nice to get rid of things I didn’t need and detach from the old. One ritual that I perform when I’m in a new space is the burning of sage. Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. From the ancient Celtic druids, Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon to the modern home, I think the way we see and feel our space is important to our everyday lives. This technique can be carried out at anytime of the year and a good to do annually, as sage also smells very earthy as opposed to the chemical loaded air fresheners. Sage, or ‘Salvia’ in Latin stems from the word ‘to heal’ and it is often thought that when burning sage it can give you wisdom, clarity and increase your spiritual awareness. Now that’s pretty awesome!



Sage burning cleansing rituals are simple and the most important thing is your intention before you begin. If you are burning sage to purify a space, or a person (even yourself) then you need to be clear and think positive thoughts before and during your cleansing process. Be careful not to breathe in the smoke directly, and try not to fill the area too thickly with smoke, remember this is not a fumigation, but more a gentle cleansing.

  1. Get a sage smudge stick (I got mine via eBay, but I’m sure most natural foods store have them too)
  2. Make sure your house is well ventilated before you being – so you might want to open some windows and doors
  3. Light the stick, and when it catches fire, blow it out and allow the embers to start to smoke
  4. Set your intention for each room and walk around waving the the stick into each corner (concentrate on gateway areas, such as windows, doors, closets, as well as hallways) and imagine the smoke absorbing any negativity and replacing it with positivity and lots of love.
  5. When finished extinguish the stick in the cup of water

I always feel my space is much lighter and happier after I do this. Please let me know what you think and how it goes for you in the comments. Enjoy a clear happy space for you!

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