I’ve been decluttering my life too detached from things that don’t matter and are of no use to me anymore. Join me and declutter your life for 2014 and beyond! With Christmas celebrations over and the new year just around the corner it’s important to take stock of the year past and think about the goals and aspirations you have for the year ahead. After quitting a permanent job of many years and living the life I want, I feel clearing my space is an important ritual of letting go of the old and making room for the new.

No.1 Rule don’t overthink  just let it goYesterday this was reinforced after seeing pictures of overcrowded malls being jammed packed with people hitting the boxing day sales, it’s the first year I haven’t been part of this consumerism ritual. It felt weird, but at the same time I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my day. Instead I went for a walk around the park and spent the time relaxing surrounded by good friends. I remember the feeling of getting a high off a shopping bargain fix, it was short lived, but I enjoy it, even if I’ve only worn things once or twice, sound familiar? It’s all too easy accumulate possessions in a consumer society, where we are saturated with adverts on how we should look and what we should buy to attain a life we desire. So many people define themselves by the labels they wear and what they have. While there’s nothing wrong with having stuff, few stop to think about the difference between need and want.

What you gain when you declutter your life?

  • It goes to someone who really needs it. I could sell it all, but that for me is valuable time I can spend on my projects, which is more important. I also like the idea that these things it will end up with someone who really needs it and as my mother would say ‘it’s just collecting dust’.
  • Have an abundance in life. Looking at the bags I’ve filled, it’s made me realise that I used to spend a fair bit on things that I can live without and that don’t matter to me anymore, but could make a difference to someone else. It also highlights the fact that we all buy too much and could use that money on things that do matter. I’m still spending money on good quality food and my health, but even though I’m not in permanent employment anymore I still seem to be living a good lifestyle, spending less, but feeling like I have more.
  • The more you have the more you want. So many people never seem satisfied with what they have and feel that buying more will fill this void, but does it? Once the buzz of the latest purchase is gone they are looking at what they can buy next (I know this feeling as I used to do it). It’s nice to be able to stop and think about the basic things we have that so many around the globe don’t, even down to the fact that we have choice and the option to live the lives we want.

I still have more bags to fill, but it’s really made me assess what’s important in my life and there is a feeling of abundance and freedom from owning less. A declutter creates a shift in your life, attitude and it’s very invigorating to challenge your ego. Each time something goes into that black sack of charity I know it will go to someone who needs it and that makes me happy. Oh and for those of you that simply re-organise and find clever ways to store things, this is a temporary solution (you know who you are). It’s just rearranging the inevitable fact you will have find more space and do it again and again the more you accumulate. So push yourself, don’t be a hoarder and declutter your life in 2014! You might surprise yourself with the positive freedom this has on your life and by how much you don’t need!

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