Why I a drink Green Juice every morning?Why I love a green juice in the morning…

I get asked a lot about why I drink a green juice most mornings and the answer is simple. While sleeping all night your body has been busy repairing things and processing toxin’s. When you wake to help your body dispose of these toxins you should try and drink a glass of water, or better still some lemon and warm water first thing. Then your engine (body) is clean and ready for the day ahead making the first thing you put in your fuel. Your morning fuel is important! It needs to be nutritious as it will effect your whole day and mood. There is a common misconception that the first thing you need in the morning is a coffee, this is normally followed by toast/cereal or a fry up, by mid morning that caffeine hit is gone, your system is acidic and now it’s time for another pick me up. I used to often see workmates slotting coins around 10-11am into the vending machine or popping out for a pastry with another coffee… sound familiar?

It’s an endless cycle and one that seems impossible for most to break. Once you do and get past your body readjusting to your new cleaner routine, you will have lasting energy and your body will thank you. Why not try to add a glass of water first thing when you wake, make a green smoothie the night before? it’s these small changes that will become lasting ones. I said make a smoothie the night before as it’s better to try and consume your green juice as soon as make it. By drinking it straight away you get the highest amount of nutrients, as the air starts to oxidise it pretty quick and it will go brown and taste weird.

I hear you say “I don’t have time in the morning to get dressed, let alone make a juice!” I used to feel and be the same way. I started with small changes to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and that included my other favourite green drink – A green smoothie. Smoothies are easier to make as you consume all the fiber too.

smoothiesI am also human and have had a few smoothie and juice fails. I know what works best for me now, although I’m always still trying and discovering something new. When I first started making smoothies I bought a cheap blender as didn’t know if it was going to be a phase, it lasted pretty well too. One day after two years and too many smoothies it died and my smoothie went all over the floor, here’s a pic of that moment… So don’t give up!

We only have one body, so why wait until it falls apart to realise you need to fix it?  When you can have your body running at optimal performance.

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