Empowered Women

MOLAs the co-founder of the Empowered Women’s Channel I’ve been on a journey with it since it was first birthed. It has taken me to the west coast of the USA connected me with some amazing women from around the globe and soon it is going to go through another shift.

I tried to work on it with others in the past, I’ve tried to give it away and for the last little while I’ve done nothing with it besides post regularly on the Facebook Fanpage here >>>

I’ve always had a knowing that something would change where the EWC can once again be used as a tool of online empowerment and collaboration for women.

I believe my EWC is a place where women can connect and find a service that resonates with them in certain area’s. I have some amazing ladies who want to be part of this channel and take it to new heights and couldn’t be more excited for you to meet them and use this platform for empowerment.

Since my move from the UK to London I have found some inspiring, heart centred, loving, generous, giving and very talented friends to collaborate, grow and share ideas with. Soon the Empowered Women’s Channel will once again be active, get a facelift and be a channel to support those that are seeking to live amazing lives that we were all born for!

Please stay tuned as things are getting very exciting and sign up to my newsletter (bottom of the website) to be kept updated on it all.

Living with a grateful heart in each breath, flowing with the rhythm of life and excited for all that is unfolding!

Bo xx


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