Meditation Workshop – Balance Your Emotions

Balance Your Emotions through Meditation

Join me for a 2-hour meditation workshop on how to balance your emotions through the inner smile. In this workshop I’ll go deeper into this meditation then I do in our Monday night meditation class. Book and Pay for this event at the bottom of the page.

If you’re new to meditation then this energy meditation is a perfect way to start. We will also be seated on chairs for this session so if you can’t sit on the floor and meditate then this is also a form of meditation that might be more suitable for you.

The inner smile is part of the Universal Healing Tao System, as an instructor of this system this meditation is a core foundational practice. It’s so easy to do and is a wonderful way for you to check-in with yourself, clear negative stuck emotions and nourish your organs.

I like this meditation as even after one session you will feel different and the more you do it the more you connect to yourself and what is going on inside your body.

The hardest part of meditation is to do it regularly as mentioned above and one of the reasons I became a UHT instructor so I could guide people through this and help them do this practice on a regular basis. Even if this was the only meditation you ever did, it is a powerful one and the hardest part is to just start and keep going.

In this workshop we will cover;

** How mindfulness and meditation can help us in our daily lives
** How to balance your emotions through meditation
** Simple Qigong warms to do before you meditate
** Your body’s internal creation cycle
** How to smile to your body and why

What to bring

** Drink bottle
** Wear comfy clothes
** Lots of free parking
** Pen and paper to take notes

If you want to know more about this meditation you can read about on my blog here Inner Smile Meditation or check out this video by my teacher Master Mantak Chia.

Book Event

March Meditation Workshop Balance your emotions through meditation

2-hour workshop at I AM Healing Gifts in which I will give you practical exercises to do and we take a deeper look at the inner smile meditation to balance your emotions.

Available Tickets: 28
The March Meditation Workshop ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.

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