About Eversfield Organic Farm 

Eversfield Organic Farm is a family-run organic farm overlooking Dartmoor, it offers a range of fresh organic produce for home delivery across the UK. 

They have award winning organic meat, including 100% grass fed beef and lamb, as well as our Roam & Relish charcuterie and bacons, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, delicious organic Jersey dairy produce, cheeses, herbs and ingredients. 

Eversfield Organic Farm raise traditional breed beef cattle which fed only on our luscious organic pasture. The herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle is made up of some of the very last remaining ‘native’ cows left in the world. They believe the care and attention results in the best marbled beef with incredible texture. They hang our beef for up to 28 days resulting in a wonderfully rich and deep flavour profile.

They organic pork they have is derived from our rare breed Landrace cross Duroc sows and Large White boar, which allows them to produce classic bacon cuts as well as the finest roasting joints and cuts.

The Organic Lamb is reared from a flock of mixed sheep comprising Romney Marsh and Suffolk cross Mules. The flock enjoy as natural a lifestyle roaming expansive open pasture grazing on native grasses, wildflowers, clover and herbs.

They also supply fruit and vegetables as seasonally as possible. It’s great they have animal welfare and the highest organic standards are at the heart of everything they do.

eversfield organic farm - dairy products

I’ve got some interesting cuts to test out in the kitchen and it’s important we learn to eat the different parts of the animal, as all of it is a precious gift. I’m sure our healthy hunter gather ancestors didn’t have access to a filet steak everyday or that they sat for eight hours only typing. Our technology has progressed, but the way our bodies work is still the same, so it’s important we try to eat as naturally as possible. I really like the ethos behind Eversfield Farm and have had the pleasure to chat with them about it.

What challenges did you face when restoring the traditional Devon landscape?

We faced many challenges when my father Mark purchased the farm which had previously been a dry feed factory for animal food back in 2002. The farm did not have a single fence and many of the traditional Devon hedges had been ripped out so we set about putting back to its original landscape. As a family we were new to farming but had a strong passion for good quality food especially meat, we are still on a challenge to educate the market on what they are eating. Organic is not always more expensive.

What are the family core values for animal welfare?

As a family we believe that there is a direct connection between animal welfare and the taste of the organic meat. We 100% grass feed all of our beef and lamb and do not finish on any grains or cereals. This allows the animal to grow and develop at a natural rate which is kinder to the animal and also resulting in many health benefits for the consumer. An example is Beef that is purely grass fed is much higher in omega 3 and 6.

Does organic production benefit you as a farm?

Organic production does benefit us as a farm. It is based on a holistic approach to managing crops and farmland using natural processes addressing climate-friendly food production. We do not have the costs of pesticides, fertiliser etc . We develop the soil fertility through other means such as using manure, clover and grazing rotations.

Eversfield Organic Farm -lamb shanks recipeRecipe Alert Update – Eversfield Organic Farm 

Made these delicious lamb shanks with the what they gave me to test out – a great winter recipe!

Get the full recipe here

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