The idea that a Gong Bath Sound Meditation affects the health of the mind and body is not new. … Sound healing is one of a growing number of energy therapies that are contributing to creating a new genre called vibrational medicine.

Everyone is so stressed, sick and looking for an alternative to popping a pill as gives us other side effects. Something where they don’t have to do much yet still feels the benefits. If this sounds like you then you’re going to love this blog. In it, I explain what, why and how sound can benefit us and interviewed my friend Rosa about being a gong master.

sound meditation healing frequencies infographicWhy is Sound Meditation easy?

A Gong Bath Sound Meditation can help shift your brainwave state by using entrainment.

Entrainment synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves with a stable frequency which the brainwave can resonate or attune with.

How Gong Bath can help you

The way our brains interpret the noises we hear can either relax us or stress us out.

Let me explain, the waves of the ocean the sound of crystal bowls gets us into very different state than our 6 am alarm or screaming child.

So with this in mind certain sounds can help us to repair, relax and calm us. This is why sound meditations and healings work!

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Why sounds like the ding of your mobile aren’t helping you!

We are still very primal as humans and sound can impact how our body reacts. We may not be living in the jungle today ready to run at the sound of a dangerously large animal wanting to attack us, but we get the same response from that ding of our mobile.

If you took the time to notice you would know most people first response when a message come through is to check it without delay as it might be urgent. To many, it’s like a life and death situation if they don’t have a mobile or check that message straight away.

“Smartphones put us in an ever-increasing state of hyper-vigilance, where we’re always feeling compelled to check our calls, texts, social media alerts, email, and more,” says David Greenfield, Ph.D., founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction. “This keeps the adrenals constantly activated and cortisol levels elevated.”

sound healingHow can sound be used to benefit us?

In various cultures for thousands of years the power of sound has been used as a tool for healing. These sounds were more soothing to the body helping it relax and process unwanted emotions.

Today science is starting to see what they knew thousands of years ago… Sound is powerfully healing if used correctly.

Joshua Leeds, the author of The Power of Sound and an expert in the field of psychoacoustics, the study of the effects of sound on the human nervous system.

“Sound healing is trending up. It’s like where yoga was 15 years ago. People are realizing that sound is a viable medium to address distress, enhance learning, even work with an autistic child.”

Enjoy a Sound Immersion such as a Gong Bath is one of the most soothing holistic treatments you can gift your body and mind. It is something more and more people are experiencing.

An interview with a Gong Bath Sound Expert

A Gong Bath is a sound massage, in which every teacher has their own style and every session is different, making it unique and special.

I did my first Gong Bath with Roza, after the experience, I had to look into it more, you can read about what a Gong Bath is and my experience via my other blog here.


Roza the Gong PlayerWhy did you start to play the gong?

I have fallen in love (or risen in love cause it is not possible to fall when love is involved) with Gong at first sight.

I went to visit my cousin and her husband and at that time, he was having “spiritual searching” phase in his life, thankfully one of his findings was Gong.

He just came back from a Gong playing workshop and he brought one or two home and that evening he gave a Gong Bath and my life was transformed. That performance was the only thing I needed to book my space for the next workshop.

At that workshop one of the Gong’s spoke to me with words “I am yours”, I was very surprised as I thought it belonged to the mentors. Anyway, I left that thought because I didn’t believe it could be true, but as fate would have it at lunch I learnt that they had gongs for sale. One of those was that “my gong”, so I just had to buy it.

After my training was over in 2009, I pursued more training at The Gong Master Training facilitated by Don Conraux, whose life mission is to spread the Way of the Gong in every corner of the Planet Earth. Inspiring, right?


gong sound meditationTop 5 benefits of a Gong Bath/Sound Meditation?

1.The Gong is so magical and powerful.

2.The vibration of the Gong penetrates every cell of the body, mind and spirit. We are all constantly creating a vibration and sound with every cell and mind projection, this can lead us to a harmonious ripple in the ether or disharmonious one.

3. Gong is a musical instrument which is an effortless way tune us into the divine. You’re lying down on the floor, cuddled by a cushy blanket and bathed in the sound, sound of creation, sound of harmony, sound of eternity.

4. This sound is so abstract, so unique that the human mind is unable to associate it with anything familiar, it has to surrender. In this state the healing takes place, the stress is melted away, worries have vanished, dreams of the heart are coming true.

5. There is no better way to heal. You don’t need to do much, just a simple intent in the beginning of a Gong Bath and then just relax. No struggle with ego, just pure bliss. Simple. Beautiful.

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How does the gong inspire you?gong bath sound quote image

Gong has transformed my life. It requires me to follow my heart, the voice from within, my higher self and things in life just fall into right space, effortlessly.

When I look back I understand why certain things happened, there is always a reason and it’s so beautiful to know that reason.

One of the things I have learned since I started to follow the Way of Gong, is not to judge and to accept whatever comes, which makes my life so much more joyful.

The Gong is a great teacher, it whispers in my ear something new every time I play.

For me people are inspiring, the way they change, their life choices, difficult decisions, their passions, their worries, their relationships, their stories. Meeting new people, learning about them, interacting with them and also watching myself and seeing how I change is where I find beauty, it touches my heart and keeps me playing.

Thank you, Roza, for your insightful chat about Gong. I highly recommend anyone give it a go, as I’m sure you will enjoy the experience, feeling, relaxation and sound.

Benefits of gongs infographic

sound meditation bowlsAfter starting my journey with Gongs and Sound it has inspired me to use it as part of my treatments with clients. I use sound as part of my body rebalancing massage, in which it helps to end the massage in bliss.

I also use it with Tea ceremonies with energising the water and in women’s workshops.

By using resonant tones that help our bodies we can entrain our brainwaves. Once this occurs it becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state).

Now lets geek out…

A few other terms that are becoming popular in the sound world and that is being researched is Cymatics and the emotional frequency sound scale. These terms are good to know if you’re a sound healer or interested in deepening your journey with sound.

gong bath Cymatics with sound Why is Cymatics?

Cymatics is the connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality. It is the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972).

All of these patterns were created using pure tones or simple sine wave vibrations. The gong produces vibrations and as we are made of water you can imagine our cells doing the same thing.

Sound healing practitioners use the term ‘toning‘ to describe the use of sound being transmitted through the human body. This sound wave creates order to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cells’ frequencies back to their natural healthy state. Or sometimes describes as back into vibrational resonance.

Gong bath sound vibration chart

The Emotional frequency sound scale

Yes everything within us vibrates at different frequencies.

We can vibrate are as an overall frequency depending on our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The term ‘raising your vibration’ relates to this and this chart shows the vibration scale of emotions. It shows how we can move up from one emotion to another.

It’s not hard to raise your vibration you only have to read this blog and follow a few simple rules. Be kind, practise gratitude, eat well, sleep well, get exercise and sunshine to name a few.


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