The more your internal system tastebuds adapt to not craving sugar, the more you need less in your juices and crave the green stuff more. I love this all green machine juice, especially the radishes which give it a nice spicy kick. Radishes have so many healing properties and here are the top 5 and why I like eating and juicing with them.

1. The cooling factor

Radishes have a cooling factor for the body. Their strong flavor is regarded highly in eastern medicine, as it is said they have the ability to decrease excess heat in the body that can build up during the warmer months. So if you don’t like juicing them at least add them into your salads!

2. Help ease sore throats

Radishes strong flavor and natural spiciness can help eliminate excess mucus in the body. This is especially helpful when overcoming the flu and easing a sore throat. Because of this it also means it’s helps with a snotty nose, as we all know mucus is the way the body heals itself.

3. Helps your tummy

Radishes are great in helping the digestive system break down and eliminate food, especially food and toxins that have been in your system building up over time. Funny how it looks like the shape of your tummy and can help it eh?

4. Helps to ward off viral infections

Radishes have a high vitamin C content, which we all know is good for you and helping your immune system (best to get Vitamin C naturally from the foods you consume ~ as nature intended!). That combined with its natural cleansing effects means it’s a system booster and we all know we need that.

5. Low fat, high nutrient content

For all of you that like to count calories (something I gave up years ago) radishes have a very low calorie count, less than 20 calories in an entire cup, they are also packed with fiber to help you poop too. But that’s not all, as they have a high water content, contain phosphorus and zinc. So they can also nourish our bodies, keep you hydrated, giving your skin a fresh and healthy glow. Pretty ace eh and something to think about!


  • Handful spinach
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 3 small radishes
  • a handful parsley
  • 1/2 juice of lemon
  • sprinkle of kindness

If you do need this one a bit sweeter than add more apples to it. This juice is good anytime of the year because all the ingredients in it are pretty easy to find. It’s important to play around and test out the flavours you want and if you need it sweeter do so otherwise you won’t enjoy it and that’s the whole point as well as getting the goodness in.

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