Recently I’ve had people, especially friend’s become more inspired to try a juice cleanse or including green smoothies in their life, this keeps me going as it’s great to see the wave of change hitting the UK! I love green smoothies as much as I do my green juices, as each has their own long list of benefits and advantages. This is a really great power up green smoothie monster you can have in winter to fight away the blues and keep you healthy and strong.

Green Monster Smoothie_LG

When making smoothies it is best to include as many fresh raw food ingredients as you can, that is, raw fruits rather than frozen (berries in winter are the exception) or canned, and with water, fresh coconut water, or almond/hazelnut milk for liquid, instead of milk or yogurt (I find milk and yogurt don’t really sit well in my tummy when I include them in my smoothies).

I’m shaking up my life and have made some big changes in the last few months to love what I do and inspire change in peoples lives. So with about a month left in the UK everything seems to be working out and I recently I have moved in with The Comics. They are an amazing family who are on the same health path, pursuing their dreams and creating a lifestyle with thought out decisions about food, family and our Earth. Lucky for me they also have a Vitamix, which I’m really loving as it’s so easy to make smoothies (and other raw treats) as it really blends everything super smooth and super quick.

Smoothies are one trend that I personally love and will keep making forever, as it’s so easy to make a green smoothie for a snack, breakfast to go and the energy and nutrient boost you receive really is delicious and comes in so many varieties. I say, try it out for yourself one green smoothie a day for a week or even just a few a week just to get you started. I love inspiring you all to blend and or juice! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you. Enjoy some smoothie love!

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