hibiscus tea flowers imageHibiscus tea what is it and why should you drink it?

Because it’s not only a beautiful red colour but rich in Vitamin C  can aid the digestive, and immune system. It can help with inflammatory problems and is great in helping you lose weight. In this blog and video included, you learn my secrets of how to brew it.

Hibiscus tea, which is prepared by boiling parts of the hibiscus plant, particularly the flowers, is a popular drink throughout the world due to its medicinal properties. It has many health benefits and here we look at 5 of those benefits.

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Pharaoh drinking Hibiscus tea imageA brief history of Hibiscus Tea

Made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-coloured calyces (sepals) of the Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) flower. Hibiscus tea can be consumed both hot and cold. In the video below I showcase how I like to drink this tea cold in summer.

To me, it has a sense of royalty and feminine wildness when I drink this tea and it was a favoured by the Pharaohs of the ancient Nile Valley. They used to drink it to refresh themselves in the desert heat.

In fact, Hibiscus Tea, throughout history has been a preferred beverage in many cultures including China, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Europe. It’s a heart opening tea packed with so many wonderful health benefits and one I always have at home.

The floral consciousness

The Hibiscus Flower is excellent to connect to if you are looking to increase your connection to your sexuality, womb space, enhancing your senses, and tapping in to your passionate self-confidence.

This herb is a wonderful keeper of helping you have an enchanted evening — The energy of the hibiscus can encourage you to embrace all the possibilities of living. If you drink this as a tea meditation let it help you open your root, sacral and heart chakra, let it help you open honest communication with yourself, others and aid you in the healing of sexual tensions.

1. Hibiscus tea reduces Blood Pressure

Hibiscus tea has anti-inflammatory properties and diuretic properties which simultaneously enhance its ability to reduce blood pressure.

Research done by the Tufts University in Boston found that regularly drinking three cups of hibiscus tea on a daily basis for a number of weeks reduces blood pressure by up to 10 points. This was confirmed by a study conducted by Odigie IP which found hibiscus tea to have antihypertensive and cardio-protective properties. It also lowers cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood.

2. Hibiscus tea can enhances weight loss

Hibiscus tea aids in weight loss by lowering the absorption of starch and glucose. It works by inhibiting the production of amylase (which helps in the absorption of carbohydrates). That is why hibiscus is found in many weight loss products.

3. It can help to fight cancer

There is some evidence to support hibiscus tea’s anti-cancer power but research on this is still in its early stages. However, in laboratory studies, hibiscus extracts were found to cause cell death in leukaemia cells.

It is not yet known how it works but it is possibly due to its antioxidant content. More research is needed in this area, seeing that there are more and more cases of cancer throughout the world.

4. Acts as a natural antidepressant

Hibiscus tea is taken as a natural way to fight the symptoms of depression such as fatigue, loss of interest in life, feelings of hopelessness, etc. Studies involving animals found that hibiscus flowers have bioflavonoids that might be responsible for its antidepressant properties. More research is needed.

5. Hibiscus tea is packed with Antioxidants

Hibiscus tea prevents oxidative stress due to its antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that cause damage to DNA and the cells. This is a much-desired properties seeing that we are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals in our food, personal care products, cleaning products and the environment.

A study that involved humans found that supplementing with hibiscus tea increased the level of antioxidants in the blood and reduced compounds that tend to cause oxidative stress.

These are just five out of many health benefits of hibiscus tea. Consider taking it once or twice on a daily basis to improve health.


Hibiscus tea infographic

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