Jade Egg Practice for Beginners

I focus on helping women integrate Eastern Practices to bring them back into a state of balance and connection with their inner and outer world.

The Jade Egg Practice is something that has been life-changing for me and I feel every woman should know about it! Discover the amazing health benefits and strength it brings into your life and body!

What is the Jade Egg Practice and where did it come from?

The practice evolved in ancient China and the Jade Egg Exercises were implemented for improving longevity and increased health. According to traditional Taoist practice, starting off with jade is important because of the energetic properties of this crystal. Jade in Chinese culture is reflected in its status as a symbol of goodness, preciousness and beauty.

To the Chinese, jade today is seen to hold the properties of; courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion. In crystal healing, jade is said to help balance, regenerate, and heal the physical body.

There is an entire system, involving squeezing and releasing various muscles inside of the vagina and pelvic floor. But before you even start with inserting the egg that there are also important body connection exercises.

People seem to skip these which are really important in giving you a better understanding of not only your body but will you will be better able to navigate around the sensations inside of the vagina.

The jade egg practice is safe and positive for female sexuality when used properly.

Why is your pelvic floor important?

The pelvic floor is a hammock-shaped muscle structure at the base of your pelvis. The pelvic floor supports our organs, helps us control retention and excretion through our lower end, and is intricately intertwined with how we feel pleasure and orgasms.

Our pelvic floor is like a muscle which lifts or contracts especially when we add a weight like a jade egg.  In everyday life, when we sneeze, jump, cough, and laugh we need this resistance so we don’t leak urine.

Many ladies find especially after birth this is normal to leak and it stops them from jumping on a trampoline with their kids or using a skipping rope to jump. It’s embarrassing and a sign your pelvic floor is not fast or strongly enough to contract from the increased abdominal pressure.

This condition is referred to as incontinence and affects 1 in 3 women. With age, our pelvic floor gets weaker just like any other part of our body unless we do some form of strength training. The jade egg practice can help with these issues as well as giving you a deeper understanding of your body.

How to do the jade egg workshop with me?

I feel it is really important to share this practice as it’s such a power self-care practice for women. I have found this is best done with like-minded people as it makes it easier to understand and ask questions. It’s fun and I create a nurturing space with is inclusive of everyone no matter your life experience.

Currently, I offer a few packages for these workshops, please give me a call or contact me via email for pricing and if it would be a fit for you, your retreat, space or group. See categories below.

In these workshops, I give an understanding of the history, how, why, when and where to use the Jade Egg in an informative and supporting way. Women don’t have to share anything about themselves they can just come listen, take notes and participate as little or as much as they want.


Why should you consider taking up this basic practice?

  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor
  • Invigorates Natural Flow of Essential Hormones
  • Increases Your Libido
  • Addresses Incontinence & Vaginal Dryness
  • Gently stimulates internal awareness
  • Rejuvenates Sexual Organs
  • Improves muscle control
  • Immensely invigorating, rejuvenating and fun!

Who can do the workshop?

This workshop is for any women who is ready for open communication, a renewed sense of internal awareness and a deeper connection to themselves.

Whether you just got your period or don’t have one anymore this will benefit you. Yes, if you are going through menopause this practice can help you get your juices flowing and alleviate some of the symptoms.

Everyone is fully clothed for the whole workshop and you don’t need an egg for this beginner’s workshop as we will go through options and I’ll help you choose the egg that is right for you. 

I can come to your home to do this workshop, it can be part of your retreat or we can organise a private space for it. I do personla and group sessions.  

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