It has been a bit of a slow process for me to get these juicing blogs out, as I have been so busy embarking on a new adventure. For those of you that are regular visitors to my blog you would of noticed that I’m now only posting once a week, which will continue going forward. If you do want to be inspired on a more daily basis from me join my Facebook community, where I share more recipes, DIY projects and inspiration. I also haven’t been working since November 2013 and couldn’t be happier not being part of the corporate world anymore, as my heart wasn’t in it. I need to be in a role that inspires positive change in the world, so I working on making this happen! During this process I’ve given up all my attachment to stuff (I literally own 23kgs of possessions), travelled to the other side of the world to reconnect with family, I’m learning some very valuable lessons along the way and also teaching them.

Now back to this blog, it’s the last post in the juicing fasting series and I’m calling it ‘juice fast support’. During the 21 day juice fast, it was great to have support from others or spreading the juicy love around! For me it was also important that I share a different perspective about a juice fast, to show you how much you can gain from the process of it all, especially since my friend Matt had never done one before. In this short 7min conversation we talk about:

  • Having juice support – did it help?
  • Did green smoothies every day leading up to the cleanse help with the transition?
  • Did it affect your intense exercise routine?
  • Were there any negative’s that came out during the fast?
  • What have you gained from the experience?

His thoughts going forward and a whole lot more… If you like this clip, please share it, as the more of us that embarking on this journey of learning about ourselves, how much we consume (or don’t need to consume) the better we are as humans together to make this earth a nicer place.

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