Juicing fruits and vegetables is such an excellent way to get the nutrients absorbed into your system (especially first thing in the morning) and if you’ve read my blog on ‘What’s with all the juicing hype’, you’ll know how much I love it and how juicing has become part of my morning ritual.  For those of you like me, who are careful about how they spend their dollars and don’t have a money tree at home, making smoothies with a blender is a good way to start your juicing journey and will give you time to feel the health benefits before you decide on what juicer to invest in.

What juicer should I buy?

As with everything I’m a bit of an investigator, always researching and reading numerous reviews before I go ahead and purchase anything. The three main types of juicers are:

Masticating Juicers: which uses a single auger to compact and crush produce into smaller sections before squeezing out its juice along a static screen while the pulp is expelled through a separate outlet. A masticating juicer is more efficient at juicing leafy green vegetables and does not create heat friction which can damage enzymes in the juice. You can also make baby food, fresh pasta, nut butter, grind meat as well as juice can be frozen with minimal loss of nutrients. Price: high 

Centrifugal juicers: You have to cut up the fruits/vegetables before juicing, it uses a flat cutting blade, then spins the produce at a high speed to separate the juice from the pulp. These juicers are generally very easy to use and are quick at producing juice.  Price: medium

Whole fruit juicers: You add the whole fruits into the juicer and these are the cheapest and most common juicers around. Extra power and heat is needed for these juicers, which means the extra frictional heat that is created can further destroy the enzymes and they tend to be loud. Price: low

I have a centrifugal juicer, which sounds like a type of mushroom species and I use it every day. My crystal ball tells me I will eventually upgrade my centrifugal juicer and get a masticating juicer, then I’ll be able to make more than just juices! But for now I’m happy with the juicer I have, as it suits my lifestyle. If you’re ready to buy a juicer you might find sites like UK Juicers and Juicer Reviews UK  helpful, as they helped me in my juicer quest.

No go get juicing! Click here for juicing recipes to get you started…

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