There is so much chatter around juicing, how good juicing is for you, how quickly you can shed the pounds (did you read that?), while curing you of health issues.  Well it’s not all hype from my experience – juicing is pretty amazing, so I thought I would write a series of juicing blogs about how a cup of liquid nourishment can help you too.

How did I get into juicing?

I actually started off on a thicker substance known as the smoothie. Every morning I would blend myself a glass of thick green goodness packed with nutrients and my first few attempts even came with a few extra bonus chunks, thanks to my al-cheapo blender (all master chefs have to start somewhere). But regardless I powered through because a glass of green goodness every morning was an important part of the alkaline lifestyle I was living at that time.

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What do you mean by ‘alkaline lifestyle’?

I was trying to only consume alkaline foods and drinks, which is based on the belief that certain foods can affect the acidity of our bodies, and can therefore be used to treat or prevent diseases. Acidity is  measured by the pH level of your bodily fluids and we can adjust how alkaline our bodies are through food and drink. I learnt many valuable lessons from living an alkaline lifestyle. Understanding why it’s important for our bodies to be in a more alkaline than acidic and what foods contribute to this, got me to think more about the food I was consuming.

Since then I’ve tried a few other healthy food lifestyles to find one that is best for me (my friend’s can vouch for this as they’ve had to put up with my weird menu choices when we go out). But regardless of my latest switch I’ve continued to always have a green smoothie/juice (or any fresh juice) every morning. I really look forward to my morning juice, as it always tastes amazing and sets me up for the day ahead (insert happy dance here).

Why do you have a juice every morning?

If you’ve read my blog on the Limitless Lemon, you would know why lemon and warm water is good for you first thing in the morning and trust me it really gets things ‘moving’. I do this as often I can, but specifically 30mins or so before my juice, as it helps gently wake up my digestive system and encourages my liver to get rid of toxins my body has been processing all night. Then the what I ingest in the morning after waking up from the land of nod is the most important, as my body is an empty ball of energy ready to absorb whatever I put in it. Because it’s liquids, my digestive system doesn’t need to work as hard (it’s not breaking down and processing food) so all the nutrients of the juice are easily absorbed into my system. My mind and body are on a natural energy high (like all the time I’m told!).

What are the arguments for and against juicing?

There are arguments that you loose the healthy fiber when juicing, so it is not as healthy as eating the whole fruits and vegetables, even though the resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients).  The flip side of this is that your body can absorb the nutrients more quickly and it gives your digestive system an easy start to the day rather than breaking down the rest of the fiber too. Juicing is a fun way to add fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet, especially if you have kids or fussy eaters in the family. I don’t juice everything, as I might cut up a pineapple use some of it for juicing and eat some of it whole later as a snack. I understand that some people are on tight budgets and sometimes I use the juicing pulp in my baking to make my food go further.

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