Cavolo nero best variety for kale chipsWhy eat Kale Chips?

Kale Chips are all the rage these days and I think Cavolo Nero are the best variety in the kale family to make kale chips. Pronounced ‘ca-voll-oh nee-ro’ ~ Cavolo nero also known as tuscan cabbage, black cabbage, black kale or dinosaur kale. It’s an Italian variety of cabbage that I’m now seeing popping up everywhere. It looks a bit of a cross between silverbeet and kale, with a distinctively bubbly, wrinkly appearance and upright dark green leaves. The bottom line is I know it’s good for me and when craving a snack there’s nothing better than something green, nutritious and tasty. Cavolo nero is a good source of lutein (an antioxidant particularly good for eye health), vitamins K, A and C. It also contains manganese, copper, fibre, calcium, iron and the B vitamins. It has a very strong slightly bitter flavour and it’s pretty hardy, so great in soups, stews or steamed. I made crispy kale chips and wow they tasted like a cross of kale, spinach and weirdly crispy bacon. Yum!

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Cavolo nero chips

My Kale Chips Recipe

  • 1x bunch of organic Cavolo Nero
  • Pinch of Himalayan rock salt
  • Drizzle of Olive oil
  • Thoughts of happiness


  • A handful of nutritional yeast flakes (vegan cheese)


Turn your oven to a high heat 200C (Raw foodists just use the dehydrator). Cut the stalks off down the middle so you’re only left with the leaves (the stalks tend to be very bitter and hard to eat). In a big baking tray I sprinkle Himalayan rock salt and olive oil, then I use my hands and massage these into the leaves so everything is coated. Lay flat (don’t put leaves on top of each other) and bake in the oven for 10mins (depending on your oven you will see the leaves start to turn colour – remove before this happens and let them cool down). Then a trick I’ve discovered is to then put these in the dehydrator on a medium heat for an hour or two. It makes them go super crunchy. I think it might be my new favourite snack!

Storage and prep

Remove any damaged outer leaves before cutting the main body of leaves away from the core. Slice off any tough central stalks. Give the leaves a rinse and then chop appropriately. If you’re not making kale chips you can also lightly cook kale with some grass fed butter, steamed or add it to a stir-fry. Store fresh in a cool, dry place or in the vegetable drawer of your fridge to prolong life. Enjoy life, enjoy kale chips 🙂

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