I had never heard or tasted Kale before I moved to the UK, but after discovering kale that has been cultivated for over 2,000 years, I have come to love it! Since last year I’ve been trying out many Kale recipes and one that has been sensational amongst my friends are my Kale chips (crisps if you live in the UK). We all have food weaknesses, for me I can’t have potato crisps in the house, otherwise I can eat a whole pack in one sitting and always feel a bit ill and bloated afterwards. Since discovering Kale chips it gives me that hit without the calories, preservatives and artificial flavourings, instead it’s:

  • Full of Antioxidants: An overall anti-inflammatory food
  • A Brain food: A great source of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) an omega-3 fatty acid responsible for boosting brain and heart health
  • Has more iron per calorie than beef: Did you read that Vegans, Vegetarians and Raw foodies?
  • A very cleansing food: Packed with a whopping 5 grams of fiber a cup. Need those intestinal pipes cleaned lately? (I know my jokes aren’t always funny!)
  • Beautify yourself: Kale has 133% of your daily vitamin A intake. Vitamin A helps you to see better and is also a skin booster (imagine how amazing you will look and feel if you tact on a good night’s sleep). It also has disease fighting vitamin K along with a myriad of other flavonoids and benefits…

kale chips

I love it when kale comes into season and eat it as much as I can. I don’t really like juicing it or putting it in smoothies as I find it a bit bitter, so prefer to have Kale chips or lightly steamed with a bit of garlic butter. How do you like yours?

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