As I’ve cut things like bread out of my diet, finding replacements has been fun and lettuce wraps are so easy and versatile. Using lettuce as a wrap isn’t a new idea, as the asian dish ‘Sung Choy Bao’ (lettuce wraps with asian style mince) is an appetizer that has been around for some time. Lettuce is available all year round and can come in many different varieties. It’s low in calories it is often referred to as ‘rabbit food’ (my rabbit did love to eat it), but there is so much more to it as lettuce has some amazing healing benefits, contains fiber, cellulose, alkaline forming and a great anytime raw food.

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Choosing lettuce

When choosing which lettuce to get, make sure it’s organic and just like most other vegetables choose red, green and dark colored foods over whites. Red and green leaf lettuce has more nutritional value than it’s lightly coloured cousin the iceberg lettuce. Romaine lettuce is a good as it has one of the highest nutritional values in the lettuce category and has twice the protein, calcium three times the vitamin K, four times the iron and eight times the vitamin C of iceberg. I like my wraps looking like a rainbow of colour and I also like using lettuce in my juices and smoothies, as they blend well and don’t have an overpowering flavour.

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Lettuce wraps are very easy to create with an almost endless array of ingredient variations. You can also use the same ingredients that you use in burritos, tortillas, pita bread, or spring rolls. Just let your imagination and taste buds be your guide. They key to great wraps is the contrast of warm, flavorful fillings with the cool crunch of lettuce. It’s also a fun to create lettuce wraps with your kids and let them make their own. So there’s no doubt lettuce wraps can be made and enjoyed in many different ways. What’s your favourite lettuce wraps fillings?

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