Your energy field surrounds your whole state of being. It influences every area of your life. Over time you can improve this ‘vibrational state’ of energy by making positive choices. Love is the most powerful of positive emotions. Going out of your way to experience feelings of love automatically makes you vibrate with a more profound level of energy; helping you move towards a higher state of inner peace and happiness.

Here are 5 simple ways to raise your vibration with Love

Quality time

Spending quality time with close friends and family will help to increase your love vibration. For example, you could tell people exactly what you love about them and all the things that they do well. This helps build stronger bonds between people and heal old wounds in relationships. Time is a great healing tool for mind, body and soul.  Choose to use it well with the people you love.

cyber hug to show loveGive someone a love hug

Intimate human contact is also a powerful healing tool for you and for others.

According to science, the simple act of hugging helps to raise oxytocin levels – a powerful hormone that naturally increases feelings of happiness, as well as having strong physical and health benefits such as lower cardiovascular stress and an improved immune system. (No wonder they call it the ‘love molecule.’)

Therefore, a ‘love’ hug helps to raise your vibrational state of energy. This simple act makes you, and of course others, a lot happier.


Show kindness

Simple acts of kindness, like donating money to charity, also help to demonstrate your love of other people. Many spiritual leaders confirm that showing kindness is indeed the foundation of their religion. In fact, the Dalai Lama has declared that his whole philosophy in life is kindness. Furthermore, loving-kindness meditation can help you raise your vibration by focusing on feelings of compassion for others: friends, family, colleagues and even your enemies.

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Love animals

Many people derive great satisfaction from showing love to animals. So spend some time with a friendly pet, if you can. In fact, pet therapy – or animal-assisted therapy – has proved to be a great success in helping people recover from physical and mental problems. Recently, AAT has actually proved that a cat’s purr can help reduce stress levels in patients.
cartoon love animals as medicine

Smile more

Raise the positive energy all around you by lighting up a room with your smile. After all, happiness is infectious.  Moreover, it shows people that you love their company. Smiling causes physical reactions in the brain that increases happier feelings – even if you force it. In fact, it helps you to calm down and reduce your stress levels. So be kind and loving – give your smile to others to brighten up your day.

Wear the vibration of Love

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to raise your vibration – your positive energy – to a higher plane. You can choose greater happiness. This power to make positive changes is within you right now. Love is the name of this great power. Wear it all times: whether with a smile, showing kindness to a person or animal, or by giving a big hug to a loved one.

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