Juicing fruits and vegetables is such an excellent way to get the nutrients absorbed into your system (especially first thing in the morning) and if you’ve read my blog on ‘What’s with all the juicing hype’, you’ll know how much I love juicing. Its become part of my morning ritual and every juice I make is the best juice ever. If any of you are interested in juicing, I encourage you join in, feel and see the benefits of better skin and more energy. With summer here there are so many yummy summer fruits around. It’s also important to note that whatever your juicing is make sure the produce is organic otherwise you might be drinking a whole lot of chemicals (read more here about why you should buy organic). One yummy summer fruit is the melon, which are so sweet, come in many varieties, colourful and packed with potassium and vitamin A which is great from immune system. I love this summer melon cooler juice and so will you!

The Melon Cooler

  • x1 small cucumber
  • x1/2 melon
  • x1 organic lime

That’s it easy, simple, refreshing and a perfect way to start my day!

The Melon Cooler

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