birdsmilletI remember my grandma feeding millet to her budgie’s and they loved it! There are a few varieties of the stuff and this ancient millet grain is still very popular in countries such as Africa, China & India, this is due to it’s short growing season under dry, high temperature conditions. Knowing the climate millet likes to grow in it didn’t surprise me to find organic locally grown millet at the bulk foods place I go to on the Gold Coast, or maybe it found me?

Today I’m sending off a test to get my hormone levels checked as I have a sneaky suspicion I have hypothyroidism and if so that will explain a lot and I can start to work on getting my hormones levels back on track. Did you read my blogs on my hair and live blood analysis results? I’ve come such a long way in developing and learning to build my healthy lifestyle. I’ve also done so much detoxing and seen so much come out, but know I still have more work to do on myself. It’s a blessing I choose this path to go on and that I’m in Australia breathing in fresh air and being able to take a deeper look at my health… I will continue to heal.

Part of my healing process is also figuring out what foods I’m sensitive too, my gut knows best. I know that I don’t process gluten very well, so finding gluten-free substitutes that work for me is always fun. I’ve found millet to be one of those foods and I guess if the birds like it there must be something to it, right?

milletWhat is millet?

Millet is a gluten-free grain, which has a mild nutty flavour that goes great with herbs and spices as it’s bland by itself. It is very versatile and can be used as a porridge or rice substitute. It is has a similar texture to polenta and can be be added to thicken soups and stews. Loaded with lots of beneficial nutrients and high in protein its a good one if you are vegan or vegetarian.


Millet should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place, which will keep it fresh for several months. When ready to eat boil equal parts water with millet eg. 1 cup millet to 1 cup water. Also be prepared that it can take up to 30mins for it to cook and will look a bit like polenta.

I’ve been living in Australia for a few months now and finding new foods to eat, places to go and what markets/shops I need to visit in order to get the best quality produce for my body is exciting for me. It’s surprising what you can find in your area when you start exploring. So I encourage you to give something new a go, explore and start looking at the food you are consuming.

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