Many Australian bush herbs are still a mystery to the west as nothing is written down; instead, it was passed down through connection with the land, singing, storytelling and ceremony.

I’ve learnt a lot through my good friend Desert-Rain Magpie and my journey with herbs from all traditions keeps unfolding with each layer leaving me wanting to connect and know more which I hope will for you too.

Native Bush Tea

We are blessed to have with a plethora of food and medicines at our fingertips which are versatile and can work synergistically with our body and energy. These teas are a staple in our house as you can not only make a tea from them but also use them in cooking and as a spice.

Tea Ritual TOOLS

Tea ritual can help you form of communion with yourself and nature. Drinking tea in a clean space, in silence and mindfulness can help you experience of the power of tea ritual.


Hi I’m Bo Wong owner of Tea Mindfulness a place to share herbal tea recipes, herb wisdom, tea ritual and inspiration. Tea, tradition and the cultivation of mindfulness practices are an essential part of my daily life. My love and connection with tea has helped me to develop and create a space for tea and herbs that is sacred, infused with tradition and collaborations with women who also share a vision to share their culture and wisdom of herbs.

I love working with herbs and flowers and the secrets they have for us. With a diploma in holistic nutrition, a Universal healing Tao instructor and someone who has been working with tea and herbs for many years I’m honoured to be able to blend and share tea with you.

Tea is a great way to honour nature, ourselves and each other. Tea ritual a simple practice that you can take home with you and share with others as well. Tea and herbs can be functional medicine we can use to not only help our physical bodies but out energetic bodies as well.




Every handmade card is a work of art that was created in mindfulness and with love.  When you gift one of my cards on, you are not only sending a card but also positive energy with good intentions.

Each handmade piece of work is as unique as each person in the world. Handmade supports local business and keeps the art of crafting alive for future generations. Thank you for your support and sending a little note of love to someone who needs it.

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