I love making food look good (if you haven’t noticed), and hopefully it entices you to try something new and deliciously healthy (see food through my eyes). At the local farmer’s market this week I picked up some editable flowers, then at my growing group I learnt about the edible Nasturtium flowers. The Nasturium flowers are planted around our herbs as a distraction for bugs (double bonus and an obvious sign that I need to eat more flowers). So I’ve now planted my own Nasturtiums and in a month or two should have an ongoing edible flower crop for £1.21 (the cost of a packet of Nasturtium flower seeds and postage)  – wow wee!

Eating salads is a super-convenient and simple way to work in servings of vegetables and/or fruit into your diet. Use this salad stack idea to wow your friend’s or make a visibly delectable treat for yourself (because you can and it looks like I’ve spent ages in the kitchen). The bitter greens in this salad are complemented by the creamy goat cheese, crunch of walnuts and a hint of sweetness from the pear. You can customise this so it’s just raw, vegan or use a different type of cheese – experiment I dare you!

Pear-fect Salad

The Pear-fect Stack


  • Pear
  • Walnuts
  • Goat’s Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Editable Flowers
  • Love


  • You can use Kefir/Yogurt instead of cheese
  • If you don’t have walnuts try some other kinds like hazelnuts, pecans or sliced almonds
  • You can also drizzle honey or maple syrup over the top before serving
  • If you want to add more sweetness you can slice and add figs to the stack


Slice the pear into disks and remove any seeds, layer with lettuce, crushed walnuts and goats cheese. Decorate with a flower on top (too easy).

A bit about the ingredients I used:

For this I used Abergavenny Goat’s Cheese from Able and Cole. It’s a soft, rindless goat’s cheese with a crumbly texture and a beautifully mild, fresh taste. Tony Craske runs Abergavenny Fine Foods  and makes a variety of traditional Welsh cheeses with both cow’s and goat’s milk. All other ingredients used in this simple stack are organic making it taste that much better (read my blog here on why we should be eating organic food).

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