Last weekend I took time away from the computer, I felt like I needed a weekend of R&R. I went to the gym, pampered myself, caught up on my reading, worked on my tan and made this delicious triple layered raw cheesecake. Oh yes it’s was a weekend of celebrations and there was a massive party going on in my keyboard…


Confused by the last part of that sentence?

Well on Sunday night I thought I would jump online and check posts were all set up for Monday and to my surprise when I opened my laptop hundreds of ants poured out of my keyboard. It was gross! I guess all the years prior of eating in front of the computer (a habit I’ve changed) must of left some crumbs behind – doh! Ants are a constant problem in the warmer parts of Australia, they want to get into everything, even the unopened jar of honey which now sits in a bath of peppermint water.

How to ant guard your laptop

After 45mins I’m pretty sure they were all out and now it was time to protect my desk area and also my laptop. So my secret weapon is peppermint essential oil! I use a mixture of vinegar, lemon, tea tree and peppermint in a spray bottle for cleaning anyway, so I gave my desk surface a good clean with that first. Next I added a few drops of peppermint oil onto a cotton ball wiped that around my computer, making an ant perimeter and left the ball near the ant entry point in my room. Finally I put a few drops peppermint oil on a tissue which I left on top of my keyboard.

The result

No more ants! Yip they sure don’t like peppermint oil. Peppermint screws up their smelling capabilities, so hooray my laptop is one again ant free and so is the dehydrator, blender, juicer and rubbish bins.

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How cool is Peppermint Oil…

Peppermint also know as Mentha Piperita is one of the oldest and highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. For me it’s an everyday oil I use as it has so many uses. Its been proven by the University of Cincinnati to improve concentration and mental accuracy (seriously who doesn’t want that?). It can also trigger the brain’s satiety centre so you have sense of fullness after meals. It can reduce gas and help with digestion… After dinner mint anyone? Seriously good stuff eh! Or better yet after dinner essential oil without the added artificial sweeteners and additives!

It’s important to note at this point not all essential oils are of high enough quality to ingest and just like knowing where your food comes from it’s also important to know where your essential oil comes from too.

Why Essential Oils?

When I took some time out over the weekend it gave me some time to think about what I really wanted to do and what makes me happy. I get so excited when I share information with others on how they can easily adapt to a more natural way of living. Most people don’t realise the harmful chemicals we are surrounded by, let alone the alternative healthier options. Essential oils for me have really helped change and shape my life, as the more I learn about them the more magical these bottles of medicine are.

My goal is to get this valuable info out there and help you live a more vibrant life!

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