Pink Salt History and Trades

Pink Salt is the otherwise scientifically named mineral known as the “halite”. It is the most widely used salt and has been in our lives for ages. In the past it was a very valued good, represented purity and had a religious significance to it. Being a vital part of human life and playing a key role in flavouring food, this magic mineral has served a lot of purposes since then. People in the early times used to trade in salt, being a valued item it had a lot of importance to it. Monopolies over salt production and trading of slaves for salt was a common practice. This clearly shows the prominence of salt in that time.

Pink Salt Vs. Table Salt

Having known the importance of rock salt you must be wondering which one is better for you? Well, guess what here we are going to list the similarities and differences of these salts. Being used frequently in almost everything we eat it has bad effects on health. To minimize those effects some people believe that pink salt is a better option. Table salt is a white colourless refined powder whereas the pink salt comes in a crystalline more pure pinkish appearance. Table salt undergoes heavy processing with additives and chemicals not good for the body whereas pink salt is untainted. Being the more pure form of salt and not having been processed a lot it has more nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium etc. so, clearly this unprocessed “Pink Salt” is way better than the table salt we all use every day.

benefits of salt infographic

Why I like locally sourced pink salt

I like to eat pink or sea salt sourced from wherever I am in the world, this is because it’s more sustainable and has a higher vibe. It always seems to also taste better because it hasn’t had to travel thousands of miles to using valuable resources to get to me and combines well with the local organic produce i have it with. What natural pink or sea salts do you have where you are?

[Tweet “Until early 20th century, 1 pound bars of salt were still used in Ethiopia as a form of currency”]

3 Healthy reasons to include Salt in Meals

To go a little more into detail let us now see the benefits of using pink salt or even sea salt and the reasons behind it.

More Minerals Ensure Better Health

Pink salt being the pure unprocessed form has added benefits of minerals not found in the common table salt. Studies show that pink salt has 84 trace elements of the total 92 found so far, which is a large number.

Used to manage Stress and Elevate Mood

Pink salt has been used by many specialist to help elevate moods. It has a certain aroma that is used to relax the body and mind. It also ensures better oxygen flow which helps to control stress and anxiety in patients.

Better Metabolism

Pink Salt in its pure form has been used to improve metabolism within a human body. Better functioning of the body and mind leads to better living. Pink salt also helps with appetite loss problems and digestion issues.

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