My handmade unique custom box sets are for special occasions, life milestones, goodbye to someone passing, for your child and to use as a keepsake, gift as a sentiment of love.

A thoughtful letter can be treasured for years. Visit just about any history museum and you’ll be struck by the impact a letter can have. Countless possessions throughout history have decayed into dust, but fragile pieces of paper have been protected for generations because powerful words they hold.

Each box is create to suit the end user and every piece is hand crafted. Made from handmade letter writing paper, cards, note cards, trinkets and more. While writing your letters you can light a candle, drink some tea, use the mandala to set your intention for each box.

Texting and email are mostly reactionary and gone in an instant where else writing letters is much more deliberate. You do it to give, not to receive. You write because there’s something you need to say, not something you need to know. It means more as a statement of intention.

When you have handwritten letters, you’re participating in one of history’s finest rituals as there is something about ink and paper that is magical and more powerful. Our ancestors recognized the importance of writing letters, and so should we before this becomes a lost art.


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