Ayurvedic tea

Ayurvedic tea benefits are enormous and include a whole range of benefits, including enhancing the quality of life.

  • It Can Help You Unwind. …
  • Tea Boosts Your Immune System. …
  • Tea Can Improve Your Digestive System. …
  • It Stimulates Brain Function. …
  • Like Water, It’s Calorie-Free.

Herbs are a great way to get antioxidants, minerals and vitamin in your body. These herbs not only make your body healthy but they can also help you to relax, recover and refreshing your mind.

Each Ayurvedic tea blend has its own benefits. The tea Mindfulness shop includes sacred Ayurvedic teas blended by an Ayurvedic Teaologist whose grandmother was a spice blender, Fehreen still keeps the practices and tradition of tea and ayurveda, like hand blending with the lunar energies. Because of this her tea blends are like no other.

All teas are organic, ayurvedic inspired, aligned with lunar rhythms and hand-blended with love.


Tea Blender: Fehreen Ali Ayurvedic rituals and plant medicine have been a part of my life since the beginning. Born and raised in Fiji, currently living in Brisbane, Fehreen was immersed in the world of Ayurveda through food, herbs, ancestral rituals and storytelling. She grew up in a tea-drinking culture where women would blend their own spices for masala chai and men would gather around a Tanoa (ceremonial wooden bowl) to drink Kava. Both Tea and Kava were the glue that bonded people and communities together. Her grandmother wasa huge influence and inspiration as – she was a very successful spice blender and her recipes and healing rituals have been passed down to me and woven into Tea Coup’s philosophy.

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