This is a relaxing tea with a depth of flavour and delicate aroma. It is a combination of herbs and black tea leaves that has a balancing effect on your body. The delicate aroma of rose calms the senses before you even take your first sip, while the lemon adds a little bit of zing. There are also several health benefits of this tea, including protection from cold and flu thanks to the camellia lemon. Rose has a calming effect on the body, giving you some much needed relaxation at the end of a busy day.

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I recommend using a teapot with a 600ml to 700ml capacity, that is tall enough to display the blooming tea. In a larger teapot, top up the water two to three times to produce a tea that is to your liking. You can sweeten this tea with honey or sugar and it can be enjoyed as part of a light meal or on its own. It is best served hot.

A good gift for any occasion.

Blooming tea ritual

Blooming tea’s are the perfect companion to your mindfulness practice, watching the ball unfold takes a few minutes and helps you to focus on one thing. It’s like watching a unique piece of art which each time being a different experience, as no moment can be the same.

How to do a blooming tea ritual?

Set up your space
  • Clean and organise the clutter
  • Make it comfortable
  • Decorate it with flowers
  • Smudge it
  • Have a shower and put on clean clothes
  • Put on calming music
  • Put your phone on silent
Set up your tea
  • Make sure your teaware is clean
  • Boil the water
  • Rinse your teaware with hot water to clean and heat it
  • Add the blooming ball
  • Pour hot water over it fast
  • Sit back and enjoy the process

Warming the pot

Simply pour boiling water into the vessel you are going to use, let it stand for a short while, rinse it around and pour it out. If you’re going to the trouble to use water of a correct temperature, it makes sense to keep it at that temperature while the tea brews. Warming the pot prevents the water from cooling too quickly.

Water Quality

Tea has a delicate flavour that can easily be ruined by ‘hard’ water. Any water that has a ‘taste’ (and is therefore affected by additives) is not recommended, but this can easily be rectified. Either use spring water with a low mineral content, or simply filter the water (a filter jug is fine).

Iced Blooming Tea is great in summer

1. Select a heat resistant glass container.
2. Add hot water.
3. Place a blooming tea ball into the water and wait for 3-4 min allowing the tea to steep.
4. Place the container in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

Find a quiet space in your home to sit for this where you will not be disturbed. Pour your tea and slowly smell the tea before you take a sip and let your sense of smell ignite. Take your time and see what you observe as you take in the beautiful scent. Once you have done this for a minute or so, it’s time to taste your tea mindfully. Take slow sips of your tea and really feel where the tea is moving through the body. How does sipping this tea make you feel?

Once you have finished your tea, sit quietly in mindfulness for as long as you like.


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