Blue Tea with Lemon Myrtle


Tea ritual is an easy way to start a mindfulness practice, as not only are you hydrating and getting protective antioxidants into your body, tea also helps to keep you young and vibrant. Drinking tea in silence and mindfully is an easy practice to infuse into your morning or evening routine. Kit includes blue tea with lemon myrtle and butterfly tea mat.

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Drinking tea and herbs has a long history. It is something people have been doing for centuries all around the world and these days we can create our own tea ritual’s that will enhance our lives; so we slow down and embrace the many benefits of tea on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Preparing tea in a sacred way means pouring all one’s attention into slow focused movements. The whole process is not only about drinking tea, but also about preparing your space, yourself, aesthetics and one’s heart. Let tea ritual become a daily practice and help you to become more aware of your inner and outer world.

In this tea set, you will receive

  • X1 packet butterfly pea flower tea with lemon myrtle
  • X1 tea mat

Why the Blue butterfly pea flower?

Blue butterfly pea flower tea has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It’s caffeine-free and has numerous health benefits. A cup of Butterfly Pea flower tea every day can help reduce fatigue acts as a brain booster and has a calmative effect. It’s also been used for better eye health, hair growth and skin health amongst other benefits.

In Southeast Asia, blue Butterfly Pea flower tea is used as a natural food colouring, to make colourful drinks and even blue rice.

Why Lemon Myrtle?

The botanical name of lemon myrtle is backhousia citriodora. It is a rainforest tree that can grow up to 8 metres high and I have sourced this locally from Queensland.

Lemon Myrtle is an amazing herb and we are so lucky to have it growing here in Australia. It's a very ancient medicinal plant as there is a high concentration of citral in the leaves of lemon myrtle (around 90-98%). Some of the health benefits of Lemon Mrytle include:

  • An anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent
  • It is non-acidic
  • It is high in anti-oxidants
  • It smells divine

It hs many health benefits and is said to be able to relieve some disorders such as spasms and muscle cramps, rheumatism, and headaches. Studies have also revealed that lemon myrtle can help inhibit the growth of pathogens/organisms that cause diseases such as ulcers. The oil in this plant can help in assisting to reduce cellulite and the antioxidants found can aid to boost the immune system. I love the blend of both of these herbs, they compliment each other nicely and support us energetically.

This tea is made from 100% Organic blue Butterfly Pea flowers and Australian lemon myrtle.

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