Face Massage Mini Course


I’m always getting told your skin looks amazing, what do you use. I don’t wear much makeup so here’s one of my beauty secrets – Face Massage! In this mini course, you will get my easy to follow face massage techniques and a bonus video of how to make your own facial oil.


Why do Face Massage?

Facial massage is a wonderful self-care practice you can do every day and it helps you to remain beautiful, youthful and have healthy glowing skin. Facial massage can rejuvenate your skin and make it look better. You can think of face massage as yoga for your skin. It improves blood circulation and relieves stress. Team this up with a natural nourishing oil and boom you have a cost effective natural way to show your face love and kindness without harsh chemicals.

Enjoy it daily and reap the benefits

You can do this daily to three times a week or even once as the person that benefits most from this is you. Once you commit to making your health a priority you find the time to make things like face massage a regular practice. In this, you will get my facial massage techniques video and how to make your own facial massage oil.



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