Fluvic Acid Minerals


I love adding this to water or cold drinks and fresh juices.

Fulvic Acid can help increase the uptake of nutrients by allowing for greater absorption of the foods we eat.

This can have a dramatic increase in our life-force energy. Fulvic Acid may help increase nutrient assimilation, alkalize the body, boost energy, endurance, support hormones, detoxify the body, and restore overall balance and wellbeing.



Recharge, Remineralise & Gently Detoxify

Fulvic Acid is the ultimate nutrition booster and longevity supporter. It is essential for balancing, restoring and energizing the life of every cell in the body.

Teelixir Fulvic Ionic Minerals provides a rich blend of organic compounds including essential trace minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids which are found naturally in the soil. These essential compounds help increase the uptake and availability of nutrition from foods.

Fulvic Ionic Minerals is also a powerful multi-directional antioxidant that may help increase alkalinity, boost energy, improve memory and brain power, and gently detoxify the body.


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