Healthy Home Mini Course


Discover how to keep your home environment healthy in this 14 short video mini healthy home course. I walk you through ways I keep my home healthy from lightening, cleaning products, EMF protection, plants, airflow, water, cookware and so much more! Discover the mini hacks to can make today to start making your home as healthy as your body.



Why do this Healthy Home Mini Course?

Every year, millions of people are being exposed to toxins right under their own roof. When it comes to improving our health, we tend to focus on food and exercise, and we spend less time focusing on how our environment can affect our body. Our home is where we spend a lot of our time, even if it is just to sleep! So it’s important we figure out ways to make our home more healthy.

In this Healthy Home Mini Course, I will walk you through the following:

  • Why think about your cookware
  • How to keep your produce fresher for longer
  • A healthy Food Pantry
  • Using and making a safe cleaning product
  • Why cleanse Your Space with White Sage
  • Why airflow is important
  • Why the type of lighting you use is important
  • How to decrease your exposure to EMF
  • Why the water you drink matters
  • What plants to detox your home with
  • How to have a healthy bedroom space
  • Why cleanse Your Space with Palo Santo

Your home should be a sanctuary where you feel energised and supported. Too often we over look areas of our home that can easily be improved so we start moving towards living an energised optimal life. If you live in an unclean, unsafe, or unkempt home, such an environment will undoubtedly negatively impact your health, and this can ultimately lead to dire health consequences

If you live in an unclean, unsafe, or toxic home, such an environment will start to negatively impact your health, and this can ultimately lead to unwanted health issues. These issues can impact your mood, mindset, gut health and more.

Everyone’s living space is different, and there are some aspects you can’t control, but you can make a few easy tweaks that can help improve the health of your home dramatically. For me wellness in all about living a healthy lifestyle inside and out.


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