Jasmine Ritual Oil


Anointing yourself with the loving sensual energy of this Jasmine Ritual Oil before drinking your herbal tea is a wonderful way to open your senses and uplift your energy. Just add some to your third eye, wrist pulse points and let the energy of Jasmine help you to relax and focus on your tea ritual. A wonderful tool to help you focus and also stay grounded.


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Anointing oils are used to bless and purify a person or an object has been used since ancient times as an oil for prayer and meditation. You can use this oil during times in which you want to express your gratitude or to set an intention. Rubbing this oil on your pulse points and inhaling it’s delicate sweet smell can help you to wake you up, yet relax your mind and and even give you an energy boost. Its active ingredients have also been shown to help aid you with better concentrate and focus.

“Incense and perfume burn delightfully in all Hindu, Parsi, Jain, Shinto temples, etc. Incense and perfumes were never absent from the temples of Greece, Rome, Persia…”The devotee must purify the bedroom daily with the smoke of special aromatic substances.” —Samael Aun Weor

If you are having a rough time, feeling irritated, anxiety or stress use the energy of Jasmine to balance and uplift your energy while being a popular natural remedy for balancing hormones. Many people refer to jasmine oil as a natural aphrodisiac because it’s said to have a “seductive” scent that can increase sensuality. In fact, jasmine oil is sometimes nicknamed “queen of the night” — both because of the strong smell of jasmine flower at night and also because of its libido-boosting qualities.

Made for a blend of jasmine and cold pressed macadamia oil. This oil can also be used as an alternative to perfume.


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