New Moon Tea Ritual Kit


The new moon brings the opportunity for creativity, appearing dark, empty, like fertile ground ready to be planted with tiny seeds of possibilities. Using this new moon tea ritual kit you have everything you need to put yourself in a meditative state, be conscious of how you feel, and try to stay in the moment.

Tea ritual is simple and can be a powerful practice we can use to reconnect to the moon. Drinking this powerful blend of purifying herbs the day before, day of and day after the new moon can help you to stay aligned with the ebb and flow of energy of the planet and within yourself. FREE Shipping.

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The moon is such a powerful presence we can tune into through tea ritual. The moon changes the ocean’s tides, creating a rhythm for all life on our planet. The phases of the moon used to be honoured by people across the globe, as it defined our farming calendars, our fertility and celebrations. In today’s modern culture this is ignored and our deep relationship with this celestial orb has been diluted.

The new moon is the perfect time to plant intentions for the things you want in life, to align with the moon’s energy to help you grow those seeds. Gardeners that work with moon phases will sow seeds of leafy and short-root plants during a new moon. As the moon waxes, its tidal pull draws water up to the top of the soil nurturing the seed. This process is something we can use on an energetic level to also grow our ideas and bring them into reality.

In this tea ritual kit, you will receive

  • X1 packet Alkaymia (Ayurvedic New Moon Blend)
  • X1 Candle (design and size may vary as these are handcrafted)
  • X1 Palo santo oil roller and bag
  • X1 bag of rose quartz crystals
  • X1 notebook
  • X1 Tea ritual how to letter
  • X1 packet of homegrown white sage
  • x1 glass container of smoothing tea-infused Epsom bath salts.

Alchemy of the New Moon

The leaves of the “miracle tree” Moringa combined with nettle and Schisandra berries makes the base of this detoxifying mineral-filled infusion. Best taken in the morning for cleansing the toxins as well as during the 3 days of the new moon energy for clarity, purity and renewal.

This tea is caffeine-free.

100% Organic: nettle, moringa, lemon myrtle, ginger, fennel, coriander, hibiscus, Schisandra berry

Brewing Guide

Water Temperature: 90°C
Tea Quantity: One cup = 1 tsp, One-pot = 1-2 tsp
Brewing Time: 3-5 minutes

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