Does your dog drag its bum along the ground? Perhaps you’ve noticed its health isn’t optimal? Then pumpkin seed meal might be the answer!

We all love our pets and they become family members who just like us get dis-ease in their bodies if they are healthy. I know many people are looking for natural solutions not only for themselves but their pets too!

Dog’s have an incredible immune system to heal quickly and love without judgement. But no many people think about whats in the dog food they give their furry friend’s or that they too need a little help as they aren’t eating their natural diet.

In this blog, I will explain why I give pumpkin seeds to my dog to stop it from dragging it’s bum and more…

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What to feed your dog?

Just like human’s we need to make sure our animals aren’t eating a bunch of  E numbers, preservatives and chemicals. The regulations around animal food are much lower than with human food.

Pet food companies can get away with putting in additives that make your dog hungry, to crave their brand and it makes them unwell. Just like us, their digestive systems are being compromised.

Vets are getting more pricey, pets are getting sicker sooner and something that needs to be looked at. I’ve heard so many horror stories from upset pet owners and pets that have issues. But the good news is there are also lots of positive companies and people helping the industry and providing products that assist your pets to be well.

So my question to you is do you know what’s really in your dog’s food?

Our family dog has a barf raw food diet. He sometimes has fruits like papaya, bone broth,  which is great to decrease parasites and has homemade dog treats.

He also has A+ Superfood from Augustine Approved and occasionally has pumpkin seed meal added in as well. He’s an 11 year Jack Russell that goes for 3 walks a day, has the softest fur, doesn’t smell or have any dry skin issues.

The cost of keeping your pets healthy

Ok, so it’s important to look after your pets diet, especially since your pet can’t tell you how they feel. We are their guardians in a way as they don’t have a choice in what meal they are going to have nex.

Yes, pets have different nutritional needs to humans, but you can easily find out what is naturally better for your pet. If you love your family pet then they too deserve to live healthy happy lives.

Personally, we’ve found that feeding him this way is far cheaper in the long term when vet bills pile up. It also means while he is with us he has a longer life where he is happier because he’s not in pain, suffering from a disease and goes to the toilet without any issues.

Top 3 reasons to include pumpkin seed meal

It’s always hard to know where to start so why not first just add Golden Oil’s Pumpkin meal to your dog’s meal?

Like your own diet towards healthy living, you can take it in small steps. When I first looked into what the dog was eating we stopped buying his premium dog food and made his food with meat a little brown rice and vegetables.

Next, we added in powders like pumpkin seed meal until we discovered BARF. We also noticed once he moved away from a traditional conventional pet diet, he had more energy and become more lean and happy.

Pumpkin seed meal helps with parasites

Pumpkin seed meal is just pumpkin seeds crushed into a power. Pumpkin seeds can help protect our pets from parasites and promote overall health.

Wow, it has the same health benefits for humans! We like sprinkling the pumpkin meal over his food occasionally, as he’s a fussy eater. Some dogs can eat the whole seeds and if your dog is one of these you can use pumpkin seeds as a treat.

Pumpkin seed meal prevents urinary incontinence

Containing the amino acid ‘cucurbitin’ which not only eliminates worms from the digestive tract but contains a range of antioxidants and a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties booting your pet’s health and in turn help o prevent urinary incontinence, which is the reduced ability to hold in urine.

Pumpkin seed meal is immune boosting

When buying pumpkin seeds you need to make sure they are organic and from a good source. These days cheap version is laden with pesticides and chemicals which is not what you want to put into you or your dog’s body. Pumpkin seed meal contains following nutrients: protein, amino acids, fibre, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and niacin. All of these are good for healthy skin, soft fur and to give the body nutrients so it can be healthy and happy.

How much pumpkin seed meal should I give my dog?

Does your dog drag its bum on the ground? Then it probably has worms, not to worry this is normal just give your dog 1 teaspoon of pumpkin seed powder per every 10 Ibs of body weight (10 Ibs = approx 4.5 kg) once or twice a day until worms have been effectively eliminated.

Jake doesn’t have any worms, so we tend to give this to him occasionally. Also we love using pumpkin meal ourselves, you may of seen it appear in my recipes a few times, so it’s a win win for the whole family 🙂

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