I have been using essential oils for some time now and have over the many years have bought them from various places. Just like knowing where your food comes from, opting for organic over your average supermarket variety, it is also the same with oils. It’s important to know where they come from, the process that is used to create them, what they are packaged in and that they are pure.

If the oils are poor quality they can have harmful side effects on your health, not give you the full therapeutic benefits and you loose out on learning about a natural way of healing for you and your family. One reason why I decided to go with Young Living oils is because I like their seed to seal process and I have felt the benefits of using their oils. It’s the same process of when I started to eat higher quality organic food, I get the full benefits.

What to watch out for when buying oils…


Being a designer, I like things that are well designed. I like thinking about the aesthetics of a product, how useful it is and what it is made from. The more I find out about plastic the more I’m switching to glass wherever possible. Be aware of essential oils in plastic bottles as most plastics can be broken down by liquids. The chemicals in the plastic leech into your oils and destroy the quality. Essential oils in dark amber bottles or cobalt blue bottles are better because it helps stop the light deteriorating process and no harmful plastic chemicals leach into the oils.

essential_oils1A play on words

Just like the word ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ marketing is clever at getting you to think something is better for you than it is. Phases like ‘fragrance oil’, ‘perfume oil’ or even ‘pure essential oil’ can be misleading. As these oils can be mixed with chemicals, contain low grade ingredients and purity of the active constitutes might do you more harm than good. It’s important to know where your oils come from and how they are made.


They are not all the same

If all the essential oils are priced the same or too cheap, then warning bells should be going off in your head and something is up. The reason why oils vary in price is because of how many resources and the process it takes to create these small powerful healing bottles of awesomeness. For example it takes close to 2 tons of petals to press out a pound of jasmine essential oil.

Background checks

Just like food, it’s always a good idea to research the company, how the plants they use in their oils grow and ask questions. Too often these days we rely on what we read, what we’ve heard someone tell someone and we don’t look into a company or read reviews on other’s experiences. I’ve avoided many bad and harmful products and food choices by doing my own research. With  access to the internet being so easy, you can find out about a product pretty quick too!

Happy oil buying!

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