Garlic and onions are two of the most versatile, inexpensive and healing foods to have in your kitchen. I love cooking with them, but don’t like my hands smelling like them after. Before I tell you an easy way to remove the onion and garlic smell from your hands, lets take a quick history lesson. For a long time garlic has been known as a sacred and powerful superfood. Roman physicians claimed that it cured dozens of ailments, and modern science is revealing its potent healing qualities. Garlic is a natural antibacterial agent and digestive aid and it adds so much flavour to a dish, roast or sauce. Another favourite and powerful antioxidant is the onion. I love the spice of red in my salads and sweet white when cooked. When eaten regularly, either separately or together, this crime fighting team of garlic and onions can aid in protecting the body against disease.

The smaller you cut garlic and onions, the stronger the flavor. Chopping finely exposes more surfaces to the air, causing a chemical reaction to produce that strong aroma and potent flavor in garlic and with onions, they often make me cry. But that’s not all, as I’m more often than not left with a strong smell on my hands and there’s a simple, quick cost effective trick to keep those hands smelling clean and fresh.

Here it is…

To remove onion, garlic, fish, bleach, or really any kind of odors from your hands, rub your hands with a stainless steel utensil right under the cold water from the tap. It can be anything stainless steel under the cold water and then I run my hands under the water that flows from it. The stainless steel neutralizes the smell. All the smells get washed away, depending on how strong the garlic smell is, it might take a bit longer.

There is science behind it and if you want to know more read this snippet. It’s a nice bit of wisdom you can pass along. You can even buy a stainless steel bar which looks like a piece of soap, it doesn’t cost much and perfect if you don’t have any any stainless steel cooking utensils. Now I think that’s pretty cool, how about you?

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