With so much health information available out there, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and what to do. I’ve tried so many things myself and want to share what’s worked for me to help you on your journey of optimum health and vitality.

The word ‘healthy’ can be interpreted differently and there are so many companies that claim they have ‘quick fixes’, if you are willing to spend a small fortune. Often the the most basic principle of what are we ingesting, where does it come from and why gets lost. For me to be healthy is to feel great, be mentally alert, grounded to the world and to be able to get everything I need naturally.

One way to feel great, loose weight and be healthy is to slowly adjust your lifestyle/food habits, exercise regularly, relax your mind and respect your body in a way that works for you.  I know this isn’t a quick and can be tough at times, but it’s looking at changing your life long-term. Once you start changing your bad habits into good ones it’s like a domino effect as everything gets easier and you feel more and more amazing – you’ll never want to go back to how you were before.

try organic food instead?

In my posts I want to encourage you to do my ‘Add to Your Life’ program (you will hear me mention this term often). I will suggest simple switches/adds you can make to boost health, enhance your life, help you to value yourself and use the magical natural world around us!

Since I began adding to mine only good things have happened as I feel healthy, more alert/awake and stronger than ever before. Changing my lifestyle has definitely made me a healthier, happier  person.


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